• Colin the Rabbit: victim of a horrific, vile and sadistic attack.


    British Gazette readers will recall the recent articles: Raymond Elliot: Should he have eaten the evidence? (21st July) which described how the unfortunate Mr. Elliot found himself before the magistrates of Burton upon Trent charged with animal cruelty and: Squirrels in the loft burn down a £410,000 home. (31st July) which drew readers’ attention to the danger posed by squirrels.

    If however there was an event which pointed out where the RSPCA should be directing its resources it is the horrific attack on a totally harmless pet rabbit. Named Colin.

    This utterly inoffensive childrens’ pet was the subject of an extraordinarily vile and sadistic attack perpetrated by one or more morons from the Planet Cretin. These creatures [the British Gazette is not going to describe them as animals as it has no wish to defame members of the animal kingdom] poured an accelerant (petrol or lighter fluid) onto the rabbit’s ears and set them alight!

    The sheer terror and agony is hard to imagine and vets are surprised that the shock did not kill the rabbit.

    Natalie Hall of Scawthorpe, near Doncaster in the West Riding of Yorkshire – the rabbit’s owner – stated: “I was absolutely devastated when I saw him, I burst into tears. I didn’t know how to tell my children. My daughter got half way down the garden and ran away crying her eyes out.”

    The police and the RSPCA are attempting to catch the culprits. If caught, charged and convicted it is to be hoped that a considerable custodial sentence will be imposed.

    • This is outrageous. How could any one do such a thing to a little rabbit like this?

    • You can 100% confident that custody will not result . Maybe that certainty is a small part of the problem. That and new labour’s assault on the family unit, as another fairly high degree of certainty is that the culprits will not have their Dad living at home.

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