• Peter and Jacqueline Redikin: a pair of white crows?


    The very happy couple above are Mr & Mrs. Redikin of Cheadle in Cheshire. Mr. Redikin had the good fortune to win £11,178,334 on Draw Number 1525 of Wednesday 4th August 2010.

    Mr Redikin, a joiner by trade, gave up work 15 years ago after he snapped his cruciate ligament in a fall at work. Since that time Mr. Redikin has been in receipt of disability benefits.

    Upon becoming the nation’s newest multi-millionaire, Mr. Redikin promptly informed the benefits office to terminate his state support. He commented: “It feels a bit frightening at the moment. It is good to know we have got security for life but it is all just a bit frightening.”

    He now intends to use some of his winnings to pay for a private operation to fix his knee. He went on to state: “I will be able to do things I haven’t been able to do since my accident and can have an active lifestyle again.”

    This of course begs the question: Why for heaven’s sake did not the NHS attend to this gentleman’s injury fifteen years ago? Surely this would have been the sensible thing to do. It would have saved Mr. Redikin fifteen years of disability and unemployment and the taxpayer a huge amount of money.

    Mr. Redikin’s choice of numbers for the 1525th National Lottery draw were the same numbers he had chosen for all 1524 previous draws. Thus it could be said that the £11,178,334 was a return on a £1,525 gamble. Mr. Redikin is a very lucky man and may well be pondering the words of the Roman satirist Juvenal: “A lucky man is rarer than a white crow.”

    The British Gazette congratulates Mr. Redikin on his good fortune and commends his wise and sensible decision to “go public” with the news of his winnings. He and Mrs. Redikin can be sure that they have made the right decision. True, they will have many “begging letters” and nuisance calls but Camelot’s support organisation will be there to help. The publicity will recede soon enough and they will be able to enjoy the rest of their lives in peace and security. Far better this that to be forever leading a false shadowy existence like the winner of £84,451,321 (EuroMillions Draw Number 327 Friday 14th May 2010).

    • The NHS did operate on Mr Redikins knee, 3 times i think, but on none of these occasions was the knee fixed adequately the NHS said after that that he would have to wait till 55 to get a full knee replacement, in the mean time his doctor said he could not work because of the excruciating pain he was in on a daily basis.

    • Have you thought of asking Mr Redkin why the NHS didn’t operate or are you content with assuming they wouldn’t because NHS employees enjoy furthering the suffering of individuals?

    • It was good of him to donate £1525 to the opera and other ‘good causes’ and good luck to him.

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