• Miss Tasmin Kahn: a young woman betrayed.


    Above is Miss Tasmin Kahn. This attractive young lady will be familiar to those of us who look at the BBC News 24 hour service on TV. Recently Miss Kahn has revealed that she was heartbroken after a former boyfriend sold semi-naked pictures of her to the Sun newspaper.

    Of course, the actions of this fellow are despicable – but so too are the actions of the Sun newspaper as there is clearly no public interest here at all. What is or may be of interest to the public is not necessarily in the public interest. What is also clear was that not only should the Sun not have printed the shots of Miss Kahn on the basis of ordinary decency but also because the photographs are very poor and obviously taken by an amateur with no practical experience of glamour photography. There is no way a picture editor should have allowed these shots to go to print.
    It is the opinion of the British Gazette that Miss Kahn is entitled to three things from the Sun newspaper:
    1. A fulsome apology recognising that it should never have published the photographs without her prior consent – clearly not sought!
    2. Payment of a sum of money equal to whatever payment they paid for the photographs.
    3. An additional payment to cover Miss Kahn’s injured feelings.
    Quite some time ago now, I was a professional photographer and from time to time was involved in glamour work. Anybody who thinks that taking a professional standard shot of a semi naked or naked woman is a doddle clearly has no idea. Matters are helped considerably when you are using an experienced glamour model. She will basically know how to pose herself and will be able to quickly respond to the photographer’s instructions as she will know what he is aiming for – in terms of shadows and lighting effects.

    I have looked at the shots of Miss Kahn and clearly she most definitely has no experience of glamour modelling – and neither had the man who took the photographs. Had Miss Kahn hired a professional glamour photographer she would have had some nice shots as she is a very pretty girl. There is no way the British Gazette will publish these photographs. Below however is a (reduced size jpeg) glamour shot of the well known Leeds model Nell McAndrew to show readers how it should be done.

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