• Miss Stacey Bywater: a teenage millionaire.


    Lotto Draw number 1526 held on Saturday 7th August produced four winners each netting £1,117,779. One of these is a young woman of eighteen, Miss Stacey Bywater from Holmfirth in the West Riding of Yorkshire. By opting for publicity many would suggest she has made a mistake but the British Gazette emphatically disagrees. Miss Bywater obviously realised that seeking to remain anonymous would result in two things: living a lie and eventual exposure. She will have reasoned, “better getting my fifteen minutes of fame over and done with.” Sensible girl.

    Miss Bywater’s says she intends to help her family, primarily by buying a house as the family home is a council house (presumably rented). She has two sisters, an elder who has recently lost her job and a younger still at school. Miss Bywater has said she wishes to continue working in her position as a full time nursery nurse. Given her stated intentions, this is not only desirable but necessary. Miss Bywater will quickly become aware that despite being a millionaire the money will only go so far.

    For instance, £395,000 will buy this four bedroom detached house for sale on South Lane in Holmfirth.

    Miss Bywater wishes to buy her family a holiday in Turkey (£3,000?) and purchase a Mini Cooper at around £16,000 after she has past her driving test. The British Gazette suggests she takes into consideration the cost of insurance – the premiums will literally be thousands of pounds a year.

    Let us do a quick calculation:

    Lottery win: £1,117,779 less £395,000 (house) and £16,000 (car) and £3,000 (holiday) leaving £703,779. This will not go as far as some folk may think.

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