• The road to ruin: via the Pentland Firth


    The above diagram is of the Scottish government’s solution to replace the rapidly diminishing generating capacity in the UK. Weighing 130 tons and 74ft tall, with two 60ft diameter rotors, the AK1000 is a Megawatt rated tidal turbine that has cost us the taxpayer millions and is now sitting on the bottom of the Pentland Firth generating electricity on the ebb and flow tides. Since the tidal forces in the Pentland Firth are consistently strong the turbine should produce close to its rated capacity. The cost however is enormous. Over the 10 years it took to develop over £50 million of taxpayer’s money has been sunk into the project – all this for 1 Megawatt! Note: Drax power station produces 3,960 Megawatts providing about 7% of the United Kingdom’s electricity. At approx £10 million per AK1000 this means it would cost around £40 billion to replace Drax and £571 billion to generate all the country’s electricity by this means! Let us not forget Liam Byrne’s comment: There is no more money! Of course this whole monumental exercise in national profligacy will be borne by the electricity consumer, with the poor and the elderly being hit the hardest. Thinking of this one recalls Paul Alan’s song, Ocean Deep, Mountain High: The power from the ocean deep. And mountain high electricity bills resulting!

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