• The Hagworthingham Two: An end in sight?


    The British Gazette last reported upon this case on the 16th August, 2010. At the time we reported that a hearing had been set at Skegness Magistrates court for Friday 3rd September, 2010 whereupon a trial date was to be set. Well the British Gazette can report that the trial dates have indeed been set. The trial is to take place on the Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd of February, 2011. This mean that the trial will take place nearly sixteen months after their first court appearance on Monday, 12th October, 2009. These gentlemen have had this case hanging over them for far too long. The strain will be doing their health no good at all.

    • These two pillars of society were due to be up in court on Feb 1st, and quite right too but they have seen the light and elected to take a caution rather than risk being convicted. As to the ill informed post above, the defendants have only themselves to blame for the long winded timescale, there have been plenty of dates including last September that have been postponed at the last minute by them or their legal representative. By the way they admitted their guilt almost from the beginning. Thanks, Rupert 25th Jan 2011

    • From the evidence as reported it appears that these gentlemen are everything that responsible citizens should be and that the strain of this ordeal is poor reward for their sense of what civil community should look like.

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