• Climategate: a report by Andrew Montford

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    For today’s article the British Gazette is making available an important report produced by Andrew Montford on the Climategate.

    The report makes certain important points:

    - NONE of the Climategate panels mounted an inquiry that was comprehensive within their area of remit

    - There was INSUFFICIENT consideration in the choice of panel members led to a failure to ensure balance and independence

    - NONE managed to be objective and comprehensive

    - NONE made any serious attempt to consider the views and submissions of well-informed critics

    - The terms of reference were either VAGUE or NON-EXISTENT

    - NONE of them performed their work in a way that is likely to restore confidence in the work of CRU.

    Please click on the text below:
    THE CLIMATEGATE INQUIRIES to download the report.

    • Although having same surname we are not related, at least not closely as far as I know. But how I agree with these findings if I had written them myself they would not have differed.
      Thank goodness at least Montford’s can’t be fooled, by bovine excretia.

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