• The Terrorist of Tomorrow: A portent of what is to come.


    The above video is one of the most worrying and portentous signs of “the shape of things to come….” This child clearly believes the nonsense they are spouting and that is the problem. The sad fact is that human beings have killed, do kill and will continue to kill other human beings because of a fanatically held belief. Whether or not that belief is true of false makes no difference. The belief does not have to be supported by scientific proof – clearly were this the case, wars over religion would not have taken place!

    This YouTube video has already have a massive 357,940 views! With such an enormous figure and its threatening content such a video is clearly a matter of public interest and concern and should properly be reported upon by such as the BBC. The complete absence of this being reported upon clearly illustrates in the most powerful and convincing way just how much of a peddler of green propaganda the BBC has become.

    Just as worrying are some of the greenie comments, viz:

    NOTE to all flamers and hate posters… [Ed: that is YOU Dear Reader!!!!]: IF YOU FEEL DISTURBED & UNCOMFORTABLE BY THIS VIDEO THEN IT WORKS AND I’M GLAD !!!

    This is a shocking video attempting to make people to wake up and realize the crimes they commit against their own future, their children[s] future. One of the best I’ve ever seen. The purpose was to awake and to shock and I believe it did it pretty good.

    WARNING !!! Just a simple advice to all s*$t-heads fat-a$s zombies [Ed: that is YOU Dear Reader!!!!] around who write insulting comments: Take your head off your a$s and try to use it like normal [Ed: YOU Dear Reader are not normal] people do.

    The fact is that the people responsible for this – the schemers at the IPCC and the politicians, governments and businessmen in league have spawned a monster. Sadly, this is merely a case of history repeating itself. One of the tragedies of the human story is that people do not learn from their mistakes. There have been numerous occasions in history when a ruler or group of rulers have spawned an enemy to attack or to frustrate the aims or objectives of an enemy on the apparently expedient dictum of: “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” This foolhardy policy often results in this new “friend” attacking its sponsor! Remember, in the 1980’s the CIA supported the Taliban (they called themselves the Mujahideen then) against their enemy, the USSR in its travails in Afghanistan.

    We have already seen early non violent protests with attacks on coal trains – or “death trains” as the fanatical greenies believe them to be.
    Just for a moment, put yourself in the mind of this child. You are a child. As such you see things in black and white. No shades of grey. Your teachers have indoctrinated you with the idea that human emissions of CO2 and other “poisons” are going to make the planet un-inhabitable. The Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat feed you endless propaganda to reinforce your belief and that the “grown-ups” aren’t doing enough about it. Furthermore, the BBC and publications such as the Guardian – A.K.A. the Goebbels Gazette – say that the overwhelming scientific consensus supports the notion that life on earth is on the way to extinction. These mouthpieces go on to demonise as corrupt of deranged those of us who seek to suggest that the end of the world is not around the corner. You have the passion and impatience of youth. Clearly, these corrupt and greedy fraudsters are stoking the fires of future terrorism for the sake of making millions.

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