• Obituary: Freedom and Liberty.


    The British Gazette regrets to advise its readers that Freedom and Liberty have passed away after a long decline.The above image is one of the most solemn and poignant acts in British History. It is of the Unknown Warrior’s cortege passing the Cenotaph 11th November 1920. It can now be confidently said that all those persons in this old photograph are now dead. One can now only imagine the air of deep solemnity at this occasion. Let us recall a whole generation of this country’s – and of the dominions – young men perished in the organised slaughter between August 1914 and November 1918. However, most painful is that these brave boys have seemingly died for nothing for the legacy of freedom and justice with they bought for us with their tomorrows has finally been diluted to such an extent as to be worth as much as the Zimbabwean dollar, see below:The fact is that freedom and liberty are like a currency. They are only worth anything IF THEY CAN BE REDEEMED. Crucial to this is that they can be redeemed by the holder – WHOEVER THEY MAY BE. If they cannot be equally redeemed they are merely promissory notes that can be redeemed subject to negotiation. This is the current situation in this benighted country today. Freedom and Liberty in Britain today are promissory notes, redeemable say, if one is a homosexual taking part in a “Gay Pride” march, a Muslim such as the gentlemen below:Or Mr. Richard Dawkins whose rant against the Pope appears below:

    If however you have the audacity to be an Evangelical Christian holding up a placard denouncing the participants of a “Gay Pride” march as sodomites, you are likely to be arrested by the local gendarmerie – sorry, police – charged with a Public Order Offence, convicted by the local Gauleiters – sorry, Magistrates – and fined. Whilst the fine may be of modest proportions the increase in your home and car insurances will not be as your “High Street” insurer will refuse to continue insuring you and will label you a “Moral Hazard.” This will mean you having to obtain your insurance from specialist brokers who will obtain the insurance but at three or four times the cost!
    Two prominent individuals below, Pope Benedict XVI and Ms. Melanie Phillips have commented upon this situation.
    The Pope diplomatically talked about “aggressive secularism”, which judging from the Dawkins rant is somewhat of an understatement! Ms. Phillips however is far less reticent in her comments in her blog, a link to which is HERE.
    Hers is a most excellent article which articulates with a thoroughgoing accuracy the state of Freedom and Liberty in this country today.

    Maybe it is a good thing that those Britons in that 1920s photo are dead for indeed they would weep were they still alive.

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