• The Elephant in the Conference Hall.

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    This is Business Secretary on TV before giving his conference speech today. There has been a lot of bro-ha-ha over it with commentators speculating on whether or not Mr. Cable is a Marxist. Of course all these commentators – along with Mr. Cable himself are missing the one fundamental point: this country is no longer in charge of the City of London. Administration of it is progressively been handed over to Brussels.

    The European Union has issued the Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs). This will set up a comprehensive and effective regulatory and supervisory framework for AIFMs at the European level. The Directive will provide robust and harmonised regulatory standards for all AIFM within the EU. Oh, don’t you remember the Arch traitor Heath saying something along the lines of the U.K.’s sovereignty would not be affected?

    • Yes,
      as the song goes, “I remember it well.”

      I remember too, a Tony Blair, another traitor promising us a referendum, followed by another traitor, Gordon Brown, assuring us the the EU no longer had feral ambitions,. These two Fabians were at the time secretly campaigning to be elected as the EU’s first President.

      I also remember pledges, or solemn oaths made by David Cameron over the EU

      It seems that all our politicians have conspired to deceive the nation and to commit open treason, on behalf of the EU.

      Bring back Guy Fawkes, I say, I would even lend him my matches.

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