• Much ado about not a lot.


    There has been much comment in the media about Mr. Ed Miliband beating his brother, Mr. David Miliband to the Labour leadership by 50.65% to 49.35%. This is one occasion when it really is better to come second. Why? Because David Miliband will shortly have a real job, with real power when he is appointed as the E.U.’s new foreign minister. What about Catherine, Baroness Ashton the present incumbent you ask? She will be pensioned off – she will probably receive a pay off up to two thirds of her already very high salary for the remainder of what would have been her term and then the pension at the end of it. Of course, as unelected Foreign Minister, Mr. David Miliband will have real power over the elected Mr. William Hague for the Lisbon Treaty requires the U.K. to unreservedly support the E.U.’s foreign policy. Meanwhile back at Labour Party H.Q. Mr. Ed Miliband is leader of the opposition and the alternative Prime Minister. Since over two third of all laws affecting the U.K. are decided in Brussels Mr. Ed Miliband’s new job is of little consequence – as is Mr. David Cameron’s of course.

    • Have I missed something, but didn’t the EU cease to exist when Denmark voted, ‘NO!’.

      As I recall the message from the EU was very clear: “All member nations must vote,’ Yes, to the EU’s Constitution, or that will be the end of it. We do not have the power in law to continue. The EU will have to continue as a body of independent sovereign states.”

      Has something changed?

    • Sad but true. Another incisive analysis from the Gazette Peter.

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