• Out with the old and in with the new.


    Amongst continuing public displays of brotherly affection, David Miliband, runner up to his younger brother Ed, Labour’s new leader, appeared to step out of the lime light of British politics by confirming the open secret that he would not be standing for election to the shadow cabinet. It is said that he will remain an MP – but on the back benches.

    The British Gazette confidently predicts that this will not be for long. This is because the European apparatchiks will soon persuade Catherine, Baroness Ashton the EU’s current foreign minister to quit to make was for David Miliband.

    Why? You may ask.

    Simply this: The European Union has always sought to reward those most loyal to it and who have “advanced the cause of Europe.” David Miliband along with former Prime Minister Gordon Brown have the dubious privilege of elevating the heinousness of their treason from mere traitors to arch traitors. How? You ask.

    By signing the Lisbon Treaty. The Lisbon Treaty is a monumentally important document. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this treaty. This is because of one clause in particular. The clause to give the European Union its own legal personality. Before this, the Europhile traitors could argue that treason was not being committed when they conspired and colluded with a foreign power – the European Union – to have the government or the country and the laws of the country carried on and out by this foreign power. Their defence – prior to the Lisbon Treaty coming into legal effect – would have been to argue that the European Union was a construct of mutually binding treaties which allowed for sovereign nation states to take joint decisions and therefore such edicts as EU Directives were nothing more than mutually agreed measures. The Lisbon Treaty blows that argument out of the water. Now replete with its own sovereign personality, the European Union is the Imperial power and the twenty seven members (including the U.K.) are the suzerain powers.

    British Gazette readers will remember that Gordon Brown was unwilling to see much publicity attend his signing of this infamous document. It must be remembered that Brown trained as an advocate (Scottish barrister) and his legal training will have made him acutely aware of the historic and constitutional significance of his actions. Indeed these actions – in terms of their significance – is up with the Death Warrant of King Charles I signed in 1649. Following the King’s trial by Parliament, Oliver Cromwell sought signatories for the warrant. Many who had sat in judgment on the King were very unwilling to put their hands to this document for they well knew its significance and potential consequences for them.

    The E.U.’s apparatchiks are a highly educated group of men and women and will know just how much Messrs. Brown and Miliband have done for the E.U.

    It is also highly probable that the E.U. will be wanting a foreign minister with a higher profile now. It was clear that had he put his name forward at the time, David Miliband would now the EU’s foreign minster. Catherine Ashton was clearly a stop gap. The E.U.’s apparatchiks clearly had come to an understanding and agreement that a UK person would have foreign ministry portfolio. Now that Miliband is available they will offer the British government the chance to switch Ashton for Miliband. Of course, if Dave and Nick suggest another Brit it will be made clear to them that it is either David Miliband or another ex-government minister from another member state. Thus Dave and Nick will have a simple choice: do they block David Miliband’s elevation and see the foreign ministry portfolio go to “a foreigner” or have David Miliband? Politically Dave and Nick will realise it will be better for them to have David Miliband in this top job.

    From the political standpoint of young Ed Miliband, his elder brother’s elevation to a job with real political power will not help him. This is because David Miliband comes across as a statesman whilst his younger brother comes across as a lobbyist.

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