• Great oaks from little acorns grow: the Campaign Against Carbon Capitalism.


    Above is the historic 1911 illustration showing an Edwardian socialist’s view of capitalism.

    Yesterday, three doughty stalwarts for common sense on environmental issues, Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction, the Reverend Philip Foster, Author of While The Earth Endures and Graham Capper of Copenhagen Climate Challenge held a Fringe Meeting at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester. Held in Room 1 at the Friends Meeting House on Mount St – on the road opposite conference main entrance – attendance could not be said to be large. In fact the number of attendees apart from the presenters and guest speaker, Graham Stringer, Labour MP for Blackley and Broughton could have been counted in the fingers of one hand – and that is accepting that the thumb is not a finger! Of course, Graham Stringer’s name will come to British Gazette readers minds due to his opinion that dyslexia is a “cruel fiction” that should be consigned to the “dustbin of history”. It therefore may have been a blessing in disguise that so few Labour party members attended and the event was ignored by the media. Having said that the event was not a waste of time and energy. Far from it. This is because those doughty stalwarts have formed themselves a genesis of what could be a massive campaign, this is: “The Campaign Against Carbon Capitalism.”

    The Campaign Against Carbon Capitalism has the following objectives:
    - To educate the political class and the general public about the reality of “climate change” – that it is driven by the sun and other astronomical influences and NOT man made emissions of gases such as CO2.
    - To expose the trade in carbon credits and the whole new capitalist money making agenda as the monstrous scam it is.
    - To encourage those most vulnerable to the sky high fuel bills coming down the tracks – i.e. the poor and the elderly, and those who seek to represent them – to learn the facts about “climate change” and to protest and to organise to end this scam.

    This strategy is clearly from the left. If you think about it, the left political flank is the direction from which to concentrate the attack on the greenies because it is the poor and the elderly who are going to be hardest hit by the effects of the trade in carbon credits and the low carbon economy.

    This is because the effects of the low carbon economy desired by such “socialists” as Mr. Ed Miliband, Labour’s new leader will include the mass transfer of carbon intensive industries such as steel making and aluminium smelting to third world countries and thus accelerating the trend whereby employment in Britain is largely service industries.

    The reason for the poor attendance at yesterday’s meeting was obvious. The meeting had not been organised in time to have its details included in the conference magazine, thus the organisers could only publicise their meeting by handing out flyers.

    For those British Gazette readers who are not political anoraks and members of a political party, a word of explanation is required here: Attendees of political conferences are a “rare breed” when viewed against the population of the U.K. as a whole. These are people who choose to spend a week of their holiday allowance granted by their employer in a city such as Manchester at the end of September – choosing to eschew more obvious vacation spots such as the Costa del Sol. Not for these aficionados the visit to a museum or art gallery. No, they prefer to spend their days listening to politicians making speeches and outside the conference hall and in the evening listening to politicians making more speeches. For this rare breed – the political animal – “the fringe” (meetings held outside the main political events) are a major reason for attending a political party conference. The conference magazine is a publication eagerly awaited and well read by those planning to attend the conference. NB: this applies for every political party, large or small. Next year, hopefully, the Campaign Against Carbon Capitalism will be able to organise earlier enabling it to appear in the conference magazines of the three main political parties: the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal-Democrats.

    Before then the Campaign Against Carbon Capitalism should organise itself into an unincorporated or an incorporated association and seek to attract members. To do this they need to contact some more people – at this point a large number is not essential – another half dozen would suffice initially. These good folk will have to attend a meeting to specifically launch the new association and elect a committee. A constitution and rules can be formulated and subsequently agreed and then such as a bank account can be set up. This will enable membership fees to be received and to finance such as a website and a domain name. It will then be essential for it to seek new like minded members. It will be absolutely essential for the Campaign Against Carbon Capitalism to remain independent of all political parties. This has to be a cross party organisation although it clearly should be “of the left.”

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