• 10:10: Words fail us.



    It is a rare set of circumstances that leave this organ speechless, but the above video – professionally produced at great expense – by 10:10 – nearly succeeded!

    Having had experience in marketing numerous goods and services, from a professional standpoint we ask the question, “What are 10:10 trying to achieve?”

    Clearly the message that cutting CO2 emissions by one tenth is a life or death issue appears to be the first point. However the amount of gore in the video – with clear comic intent – says far more about 10:10 and to the extent that they are living in their own little world – than it does about the large numbers of ordinary people who have not been persuaded by all the greenie propaganda to date.

    The British Gazette however would make this observation:

    In politics and the affairs of state, as in life, level playing fields are incredibly rare. What is sauce for the goose is vary rarely sauce for the gander. Unfairness and double standards are the rule and the practising norm in most human societies. They have been in the past. They are now and depressingly will be so in the future. Why? Because human beings are essentially the same since the days when our ancestors hunted the woolly mammoth.

    When the coterie of felons that constitute the treasonous conspiracy that is masquerading as the government of a supposedly independent U.K. talk about the consensus on “climate change” and how the argument is settled, they are in a manner of speaking correct. But correct in a particular manner: that they have deemed there to be a consensus on “climate change” and that the debate (on whether or not CO2 causes “climate change”) is over. Because 10:10’s views form part of the accepted establishment view there will be far more latitude shown towards them that those groups who are putting forward views that are opposed to the establishment’s thinking.

    An easy intellectual exercise which any British Gazette reader can carry out in their own mind is to imagine an organisation or body of people who hold views and/or advocate policies that are antipathetic to those of the established governing order. Would they be allowed the same latitude? For example, just suppose that the BNP had made that video along the lines of, “Who wants to join Junior BNP/the BNP? No pressure.” Then the gore. What would be the effect of such a BNP video posted on You Tube? The answer is an easy one isn’t it. Nick Griffin would be hauled before the Crown Court faster than you can say knife and sent to prison – even if they had appended a disclaimer to the video (along the same lines as has been done).

    For the reader’s information: 10:10 is an independent organisation founded by film director Franny Armstrong, staffed by a small team based in Camden Town, London, and backed by a range of organisations including Comic Relief, ActionAid, the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust. The10:10 Trust is a charity which oversees two not-for-profit companies limited by guarantee: 10:10 UK and 10:10 Global.

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