• Carry On As Before.


    British Gazette readers will remember the “Carry On” films. Some, such as Carry on Regardless, Carry on Constable and Carry on Screaming were good and very funny. Some of the others were merely smutty and best forgotten. Well the British Gazette can announce another; this time it is a black comedy and the producer is not Peter Rogers who died on 14th April, 2009 at the age of 95, but this Brokeback government. Unfortunately, this black comedy is not a work of fiction but a matter of fact.

    British Gazette readers will recall Harridan Harperson’s corrosively politically correct Equality Act which had in store such gems as:
    - Creating the new legal concept of “third party harassment” whereby employees, contractors, sub-contractors and customers of a firm will be able to sue about comments made by the firm or any of its employees even if the comments were not directed at them or they were unaware such comments had been made at the time!
    - Enabling litigants to sue over “One off incidents” with no need for the supposed victim to have warned the offender that they may object to such comments.
    - Employers barred from asking any questions about a person’s state of health.
    - Firms will be liable if they discriminate by association.
    The famously politically correct and equalities obsessed Employment Tribunals – who will hear such cases – have been given new wide ranging powers to dictate and enforce changes in the work place including ordering managers and other employees to attend political indoctrination and re education centres – sorry, diversity and equality training.
    With one important exception, all of this will of course be a millstone around the necks of British Business as they struggle to keep their corporate heads above water during these times. The exception? Lawyers (such as Harridan) specialising in Equality Law of course.

    Given that the Labour government is confined to history and there is supposed to be a new order in Whitehall, the reader may have thought that this legislation would have been repealed or otherwise amended rather than as is the case been allowed to come into force today.

    But then that would be to misunderstand what our dearly beloved Home Secretary Theresa May is about. This lady who is also Minister for Women and Equality has asserted the need to press ahead with Harridan’s madcap legislation. She says: “In these challenging economic times it’s more important than ever for employers to make the most of all the talent available.” And; “When a company reflects the society it serves, it’s better for the employer, the employees and the customers.”

    British Gazette readers however will not be surprised. After all, Theresa May “has form.”
    “You know what some people call us: the nasty party.” Monday 7th October, 2002 – Conservative Party Bournemouth Conference. Clearly by that she means that collection of people who feel themselves in need of the support Equality Legislation will give them.

    Let us start with an examination of Theresa May’s first statement: There is a clearly implied assumption that employers discriminate in ways the politically correct don’t want them to. That is to say there is an assumption that women, people from what currently can be described as “ethnic minorities”, people from other faith communities other than C of E and non conformist, male and female homosexual and bi sexual people, people with mental and physical disabilities and those people with gender issues – transsexuals, transvestites and transgender people will be discriminated against and that practises and procedures must be put in place in order to ensure that this does not happen and when it does is corrected and the victims fully compensated and the perpetrators punished.

    Should any British Gazette reader ever be in the unfortunate position of ever having to attend a political indoctrination and re education centre – sorry, diversity and equality training centre, they will find this out. Remember: Attendance AND SATISFACTORY COMPLETION will be compulsory on pain of further prosecution and/or loss of employment!

    Such an experience will leave the reader in no doubt whatsoever of the degree to which this country has become a Fascist state. If the reader does find themselves in this unfortunate position, here is what to expect:

    You will be in a group of around a dozen attendees. There will be a course leader. Generally this will be a woman and a member of an ethnic minority. If this is the case, thank your lucky stars – as it could be worse. “Worse” is a white female. “Worse still” is a white male. In the case of the Black or Asian woman she will start by asking you to each identify yourself, your job title, age and level of education. If you happen to be in the unfortunate position of being a middle class, university educated white male please understand that you will be assumed to have racist and sexist tendencies that will have been inculcated in you from an early age by your upbringing. The course leader will understand that it is her job to purge you of these negative and destructive influences and turn you into a new man. Understand this: Any signs she sees of you being not receptive to her statements, or worse disputing these statements will have serious consequences for you. This is made worse by the fact that the course leader will be judging you not only by what you say but also by your “body language.” Did you know that there is supposed to be such a thing as racist and sexist body language? Put it this way: If you had been a German in Hitler’s Germany and the Gauleiter had ordered you to attend a Nazi Party organised course on Jews and the threat they constitute, it would have been a very brave man who would have done anything but go along absolutely with what the Kurs-Führer was saying. Clearly such a fate will not await the reader but the consequences of failure – by not agreeing wholeheartedly with EVERYTHING the course leader says – will still be serious. “Why is a white woman or man much worse?” We hear you ask: Because these folk due to their not being a member of a supposed victimised community will be even more convinced that white people – especially middle class university educated heterosexual white males – will be in need of such re education.

    Furthermore, it must also be pointed out that if you will have been ordered to attend such a course by the tribunal, you will be required to make a grovelling statement accepting your earlier calumny – in much the same manner as political prisoners at Stalin’s show trials were forced to – before they were led away and shot.

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