• Reports of the planet’s fragility are exaggerated.


    The above image is typical of the complete garbage being put about by the climate change brigade.

    One aspect of the climate change bandwagon is – like all bandwagons before it – others will climb aboard. These others will be businessmen who, seeing the particular bandwagon is popular and has the favour of “the powers that be”, will climb aboard and clock themselves enthusiastically in its colours, seeking to portray themselves as “all round good eggs.”

    That greedy, self serving and ambitious people climb aboard bandwagons should come as no surprise whatsoever to those British Gazette readers who are students of history, for this has occurred throughout human history. The bandwagons may have been benevolent – such as William Wilberforce and the banning of the slave trade – or malevolent such as The German Nazis demonization of the Jews. Either way there will always be those prepared to clamber aboard. Of course when the tide turns these fair-weather friends are no where to be seen.

    This of course will happen to the climate change bandwagon. The fellow travellers – which will include the politicians currently endorsing it – will be nowhere to be seen when the Earth’s climate proves them wrong. Indeed, these politicians shall be leading the charge to bring criminal indictments against these so called scientists. It will be at this point the lack of specific expertise of the “scientists” will be examined.

    Naturally, these “scientists” will consider themselves to be ill-used by their former political friends. But then they should remember the old saying:
    “He who sups with the Devil should use a long spoon.”

    Tomorrow, some formerly unemployed person will be driving in a van along our street hoping to collect a large plastic bag containing: “unwanted clothes, paired foot-ware, bedding, handbags, belts, toys and perfumes.”
    This individual will however not be employed by a charity but a profit making company. Why this is the subject of a British Gazette article is because there are an increasing number of these non charitable collection companies and they are increasingly seeking to cloth themselves in an aura of benevolence by statements such as: “Our aim is to provide affordable clothing and save the environment.” And in block capitals: “Together we can do more.” The flyer contained an image similar to the one above. The British Gazette would emphatically urge its readers that if they have unwanted clothing and other household items, DO NOT give them to such as these but instead give them to properly registered charities or save them for a church jumble sale.

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