• Halal slaughter: A presentation by Mr Derek Adams.


    The British Gazette last reported upon the travails of former pub landlord and BNP activist, Mr. Derek Adams (above) on 18th March 2010 (The Ace of Diamonds: the closure).
    Its first report was made on 15th November 2009 (The Ace of Diamonds, Oldham Road, Newton Heath, Manchester: Is this an act of political spite?)
    We can report that the pub has now been demolished.
    Well it seems that Mr. Adams is no stranger to controversy. Indeed he is bound to incur the wrath of the politically correct establishment by making a YouTube presentation about Halal slaughter – a presentation which includes very graphic images that may upset many people.
    The British Gazette reported upon this sensitive subject in its article, “Halal slaughter: Islamisation by stealth?” on 27th September, 2010. Mr. Adam’s video – produced it appears with the hope of recruiting new members to his party – deals with the subject in a more forthright manner.
    The British Gazette publishes this video NOT with the intention of acting as a recruitment sergeant for the BNP – WHICH IT IS NOT – but to shed light on what appears to be a barbaric practice. The British Gazette would stress that the views expressed by Mr. Adams in this video are his own and the British Gazette is an independent organ not in any way attached to the BNP.
    Mr. Adam’s presentation is below. Be warned – this is not for the faint of heart!

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