• EuroMillions draw number 348 Friday 8th October: The Coventry Four.


    It appears that there are four winners of the EuroMillions draw number 348 of Friday 8th October. It is thanks to the Sun newspaper that we know this. The Sun has tracked the four down to a London hotel where the men are staying and being advised by financial and legal experts hired by Camelot. It appears that our report, EuroMillions draw number 348 and £113,019,926: The Frenzy Begins of 18th October was correct in that the ticket was purchased from the Spa Store on Daventry Road, Coventry. According to the Sun, all four are friends and their ages range from 25 to 40 and from Coventry. According to the Sun, Stephen also from Coventry and a relative of one of the four men – named by the newspaper as Daniel and aged 28 is reported in the paper saying “All I know is that Daniel has gone to London and that he’s won it with three other guys. He can be a bit of a joker, but if he is lying about this it will crucify his grandparents. The family are being very cagey and not saying much.” The Sun reports another person close to the family said: “They’re really nervous about winning such a huge amount. They fear kidnap or that someone might target their family for cash.”

    British Gazette comment: That there are four winners means that each will receive £28,254,981. This is a much better outcome than one person wining the entire sum. Notwithstanding the stated concerns of the friends and families of the winners as regards the threat of kidnap, the British Gazette affirms its stance that the winners should not remain anonymous. To address the issue of kidnap directly: this is an issue but the risks of kidnap in these circumstances are very low. Kidnap as a crime, tends to be in specific communities. Judging from the names that we know, the winners appear to be not members of those communities. On a more general note, it is to be stated that the FEAR of crime in the minds of the public is often MANY times greater than the actual OCCURANCE of crime.

    It would be a very sad outcome for all concerned were the winners and their families all to remain anonymous and for all of them to spend the rest of their lives in the shadows. The fact that four men have won explains much: the delay and the indecision over whether to remain anonymous. This is because, so far as anonymity is concerned this has to be a joint decision by all the parties for if one opts for publicity this will inevitably reveal the identities of the others. The facts of the situation however are compelling: people already know. There are four winners, four families and four social networks. Keeping the lid on one family is a difficult task. Keeping it on four is well nigh impossible.

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