• Climate Fools’ Day, 27th October, 2010.


    An important meeting will take place in the House of Parliament tomorrow. Held in Committee Room 16 at 2:00PM, Members of Parliament will hear presentations by such as the Rev. Philip Foster, author of “While the Earth Endures”, the physics and energy expert, Peter Gill, astrophysicist Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction, the hydrologist, Dr. Ian Strangeways, Christopher Booker, columnist, Graham Stringer, MP (who is a scientist), the Conservative MPs, Christopher Chope, David Davis and John Redwood.

    This is good news as reality is beginning to dawn on some members of the political establishment. The challenge faced by the organisers of Climate Fools Day is huge as the “glow bull warnists” have built up a huge body of opinion amongst the uninformed political elite, members of the public and importantly, members of the educational establishment, their pupils and their students.

    Their most powerful allies of course are the earth, the sun and the moon! These celestial objects will work their might and create our weather entirely uninfluenced by the protestations of such as Caroline Lucas or even Mr. Ed Miliband! All efforts at CO2 reduction and reducing “carbon footprints” will have no effect whatsoever. It appears that the climate MIGHT be getting colder. In any event, as more and more of the UK’s power generating capacity is generated by wind turbines people’s electricity bills will rise inexorably and then there is the potential of power cuts – in winter! Whether or not the nation suffers power cuts will depend of whether 100% of wind turbine power generating capacity is backed up by gas turbine power generating capacity. If it is, well and good as when the wind does not blow and the wind turbines don’t move there is a backup. This of course is VERY expensive as instead of building one set of generating capacity one builds two.

    Were the nation’s finances in good order this might not be so much of a problem. But then we know what a disastrous state the nation’s finances are in. Put it this way, suppose you have a friend who has maxed out their credit card and the bank does not want to lend them any more money. The wish to buy a new car. You suggest a Skoda Octavia 1.6 diesel (the minicab driver’s favourite) at around £15,000 as it is an economical and reliable car with low running costs. They however wish to purchase a Volkswagen Phaeton 6.0 litre W12 at just under £79,000 with huge running costs and eye-watering depreciation. But then, British Gazette readers will know of the old saying, “Fools and their money are soon parted!”

    Given the overall state of the nation’s finances, the most affordable in terms of capital costs, fuel costs and security (of supply) considerations, appears to be “conventional” gas powered power stations (without the nonsensical carbon capture and storage paraphernalia) but adapted to burn, “coal gas” that would be produced by UCG (underground coal gasification). This solution has the following advantages:
    - the capital cost of gas turbine power stations are low when compared to such as a large coal fired power station such as Drax.
    - the capital costs of drilling the UCG resource are around double the costs of drilling for oil (affordable).
    - the fuel costs are roughly comparable with natural gas.
    - we have security of supply – there is a huge undersea coalfield off the cost of East Anglia and Kent.

    • http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/1308
      They UK GOV say that Geoengineering is not ongoing at present ,and yet they accepted my E PETITION to stop Geoengineering and Aerosol spraying ,Weather modification , when thousands of application for an E Petiions are turned down ;

    • Well said Tony….frustrating aint it?

    • I will not hold my breath.

      It’s been almost three years since the makers of Al Gore’s film, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, along with the government’s own scientists were force to concede in the British High Court, that CO2 levels were determined by the global temperatures that had preceded them, 800 -2000 years earlier.

      Al Gore had used the 650,000 year-old Ice Cores to show that over that period rising CO2 levels were followed by identical rises in global temperatures., the opposite of the truth. The High Court suggested that Mr Gore had ‘inadvertently reversed the science.’

      This was one of nine major scientific errors contained in the film, errors which the court ruled must be pointed out to children if the film was shown in schools.

      So, for three years the Government, its scientists and Al Gore have known that over the last 650,000 years, CO2 levels are determined by the global temperatures that existed hundreds of years earlier; yet the anthropogenic global warming fraud continues unchecked.

      £3bn has been set aside for Green purposes, and £200bn wasted on Wind Farms.

      The swindlers are the Government and Parliament has become,The House of Persistent Liars.

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