• Die Führerin spricht.


    On the 23rd October we reported in our article, “David Cameron: Woe’s Me, what ruthless fate” about our dearly beloved leader demanding a freeze or cut in the E.U. Budget and not a 6% increase. Today, it was suggested by the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat that Cameron would have to agree to a 2.9% increase because a freeze was said to be impossible. These indicate just how willing all Conservative politicians are to accept the E.U.’s rule. At the moment Cameron has the ability to block the increase as unanimity applies. It will not however apply after Friday 31st October, 2014 when such decisions along with a host of others (see aforementioned article) become subject to Qualified Majority Voting (QMV). The BBC also reported that Frau Doktor Merkel is demanding a further treaty that goes beyond Lisbon. Readers may no doubrt remember the Europhiles stating that the leaders of Europe would not be wanting to make any further treaties post Lisbon for some considerable time. Clearly, “some considerable time” in this context meant a few months!

    Will our dearly beloved Prime Minister oppose Die Führerin’s proposal and give the British People a referendum upon it? Nein!

    Warum? Because he will say that the proposed treaty does not effect the U.K. because it only affects those countries that are members of the Eurozone. This of course will be a lie. British Gazette readers will of course be unsurprised by this as they know that lies are the stock in trade of most Conservative politicians.

    What then is Frau Doktor Merkel wanting. She desires that the E.U. should have in effect the same powers so far as setting the budgets of member states that the Westminster government has so far as English local authorities are concerned. The difference being that whereas the Westminster government can take over the administration of local authorities the E.U. could only impose sanctions. She envisages three stages:
    Eine: A warning.
    Zwei: A fine.
    Drei: Suspension of that state’s voting rights.
    Frau Doktor Merkel wants the E.U. to have these powers over Eurozone members for a very obvious and logical reason. A joint currency by definition imposes joint and several liability upon its members for the sovereign indebtedness of all. Clearly the good doctor does not want to revisit the Eurozone crisis.

    Why should we be concerned? Because after Friday 31st October, 2014 the extension of Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) and the possession by the E.U. of its own legal personality will enable the E.U. to extend this power over states who are not Eurozone members.

    Of course there will be Europhiles who would say that the E.U. would have no intention of doing such a thing. The question you have to ask yourself is this: Do you believe them?

    • I am writing on 2nd November, 2010, surely a day that will go down in history as infamous. On this day, the UK Government announced that it was not “minded” to change the law and therefore Prisoners will henceforth enjoy the “right” to vote. Now, the issue for me is not whether or not the prisoners get to vote, no, it is that this government tacitly agree that they are UNABLE to change the law….the LAW which now pertains to British citizens is that which the EU sets. Our government would almost certainly preferr NOT to give prisoners the franchise but they can do NOTHING to stop it.

      I do not understand WHY we, the public, continue to accept this … I am beyond frustration!!!!

    • I find it quite incredible that not one politician has warned us, that unless we withdraw from the EU, before 1st November 2014, we will not be allowed to do so. Our withdrawal would be subject to QMV, we would need the permission of the majority vote, which as we are the second largest contributor to the thieves of Europe’s coffers, would not happen.

      Every promise Cameron has made over the EU has been a lie, he is stalling for time knowing full well that halfway through his first term of office, in two years time Parliament will be stripped of all meaningful power, and the British Government will become puppets to an unelected EU master.

      The Houses of Parliament have become the Houses of Traitors, our governments have betrayed each and every one of us.

      The EU’S 01/11/2014 QMV legislation is nothing less than a declaration of war.

      We must control immigration, including that of EU citizens, and to do that we must leave the EU now!

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