• William and Catherine: Uneasy is the head that wears the crown.

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    Along with most other organs, the British Gazette sends its best wishes to the happy couple and hopes that their married life will be a long and happy one.

    Comment has been made about Miss Middleton being eventually crowned Queen (consort). Should this event take place she will be the first Queen Catherine since Catherine of Braganza, consort of King Charles II. Before that we had Catherine Parr last wife of King Henry VIII (who survived her husband by one year) and before that Catherine Howard, King Henry VIII’s 5th wife who lost her head in 1542 (losing one’s head appearing to be an unfortunate trait of the Howard family).

    Clearly Miss Middleton need not have any fear about losing her head as this is protected by the European Convention on Human Rights, adherence to which is obligatory on all vassal states of the European Union.

    All of which leads us to speculate upon what form such an eventual coronation of William and Catherine, and presumably before this Charles and Camilla will take. One thing we can be reasonably certain about is that the politically correct treasonous coterie that masquerades as the government of this former sovereign state will wish the ceremony to be “inclusive”. By this they mean to be stripped of all religious significance and meaning. Why? Because they will seek to appeal to this nation’s multitude of different communities, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Jews, Rastafarians, Druids, Confucian, Taoists, Shinto worshippers and atheists – amongst many others.

    Westminster Abbey is big but even so it might be a tad difficult to get all these folks in! In the spirit of helpful and positive criticism the British Gazette therefore puts forward a suggestion: that there should be two ceremonies. The first should be the Coronation service held in Westminster Abbey. This essentially should follow the format of June 1953 – not withstanding any politically correct Archbishop of Canterbury of the time expressing doubts such as: Does God exist?

    Following this – say a week afterwards – another ceremony should take place which should be “inclusive”. A large secular prestigious location is desirable or one that can be turned easily into a prestigious one. The British Gazette suggests the Millennium Dome. This ceremony should be called “the Durbar.” It should follow the tradition established by the last durbar which took place in Delhi in 1911 when King George V was proclaimed Emperor of India. No – the British Gazette is NOT suggesting any such proclamation! What it does suggest is that the leaders of the U.K.’s communities (other than the indigenous community) can use this ceremony as a chance to declare their loyalty and support for the new monarch. As the peers of the realm will have done in Westminster Abbey a week earlier.

    This could be a very colourful occasion. Anybody who has been to or has seen pictures of an Indian wedding can testify to this. In particular the new monarch could wear the magnificent bauble that is the Imperial Crown of India (below) which was made by Garrard & Co. This crown could be renamed, how about the Crown of Diversity? It could not be called the Imperial Crown as this country is no longer a sovereign power, let alone an Imperial one!

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