• Julian Assange: A word of advice: Go to Gaol in Sweden. Go Directly to Sweden. Do not pass the sign at the airport “To US bound flights.” Do not ask your friends to collect £200,000.

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    Our rather long title paraphrasing the game of Monopoly is well intentioned and genuine advice directed a man we regard as a well intentioned anti-establishment idealist. There are of course many arguments that those such as US politicians put forward to suggest that what Mr Assange has done is wrong in one way or another. The British Gazette is for once is going to “sit on the fence” on the rights and wrongs of the actions of Mr. Assange and his accomplices.

    However, we do feel constrained to give Mr. Assange some good advice. Which is this: If a man is given a choice of being incarcerated in a Swedish gaol or a US gaol, he should choose the Swedish gaol every time. This in the same way as if a man was to find himself in the most unfortunate position of being sentenced to death by hanging but the judge had given him a choice of being hanged by the long drop or the short drop, he should choose the long drop, for death by the breaking of one’s neck is a lot less unpleasant that the slow and VERY painful asphyxiation of the short drop method of hanging.

    Mr Assange should be aware of the following FACTS:
    - The British courts and British politicians are completely spineless when it comes to any request made of them by the USA. If the US prosecutors press charges – which they are likely soon to do – Mr Assange should be afraid. Very afraid. The British will offer little or no resistance to the US in their demands for his extradition.
    - If Mr Assange is unfortunate enough to end up in the USA he will spend a VERY long time inside one of the US Maximum Security gaols. This is literally a “fate worse than death” – and in the original meaning of that phrase.
    - US gaols are some of the worst in the “developed world”. Violence against inmates is very common. Little or no protection is afforded the prisoners by the gaolers. The regimes are harsh in the extreme. The “correctional officers” (prison warders) make no secret of their dislike and contempt for the inmates. The inmates are left under no misunderstanding that they are inside gaol TO BE PUNISHED.
    - The British Gazette understands that Mr Assange is wanted in Sweden for sexual offences. The British Gazette has no knowledge whatsoever of Mr Assange’s sexual predilections but would suggest that if he is anything other than a rampant and promiscuous homosexual who delights both in “rough treatment” sodomy and unprotected oral sex, he follows the British Gazette’s advice and flees to the relative safety of Sweden.
    - the Swedish courts and government will be far more robust in their attitude towards any US extradition request. The USA has demonstrated by its actions of its preparedness to extend its jurisdiction into other sovereign countries. Mr Assange should remind himself of that: he is an Australian, that he was in receipt of the information provided by another and did not directly obtain the information himself. Ordinarily this should mean that it should only be the US citizen who leaked the information facing prosecution. If a country was able to prosecute the persons receiving such information it would mean that the Russians could prosecute CIA agents (based in the USA) for receiving information from the CIA’s spies in Russia and the Americans could prosecute FSB agents (based in Russia) for receiving information from the FSB’s spies in the USA!
    - Swedish gaols like other aspects of the Swedish public sector are of a very high standard. Far higher than HM Prison Wandsworth! Mr Assange will be made most comfortable there.

    • There is little to add to this excellent summary by the British Gazette. This advice is accurate and not overstated. Mr. Assange is quite simply a scapegoat, facing possibly, even perhaps certainly, trumped up charges of a sexual nature.

      We know that matters are serious because Mr. Assange’s cause has been taken up by champagne socialists generally of the ‘luvvie’ persuasion who possess a visceral hatred of all things American.

      One thing is certain; the Yanks will pull out all the stops to do Assange maximum mischief. They can’t have some internet upstart tweaking the eagles tail feathers.

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