• December 21 2012: The end of the world? You bet!

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    Above is the Mayan calender, said to terminate on December 21 2012.

    Two years to this day there are those who believe that the end of the world will come. That we all have but two years in which to live. It seems that the ancient Mayan calendar comes to an end on this date. Today, 21 December 2010 there has been a lunar eclipse on the winter solstice – the first for 400 years. Presumably, those professing a belief in astrology may read something ominous into this.

    No matter. I personally DO NOT believe that the world will come to an end on December 21 2012. I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is. If there are people out there who think that they are not going to be in this world after December 21 2012 then I make them this offer:

    You put £1 million of blue chip stocks into trust with the income payable to yourself. The trust to be prepared by a competent lawyer to end on December 22 2012 with the stocks becoming my property. In return I will pay you £100,000 now. This is £100,000 that you can spend as you like.

    Why not take up my offer? After all, if you know that there is not going to be a December 22 2012, what have you got to loose? It is obvious what I have got to loose: £100,000 which I will GIVE to you. £100,000 that you can make merry with – for on December 21 2012 you will be dead. As presumably will I.

    If you are interested in taking up this offer please contact the British Gazette.

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