• Gaia: Worshipping Her carries its own punishment.


    Above are the Water Gardens at Studley Royal in the North Riding of Yorkshire. They are now classed as a “World Heritage Site” and are under the care and ownership of the National Trust. Over a year ago now I was walking in these gardens when I saw a young woman standing on the lakeside surrounded by Canada geese. The lady was having a conversation on her mobile phone and the geese were standing around waiting to be fed – as they had been prior to the lady taking the call. It came to me then that these beautiful gardens have a tale to tell which has relevance today with the climate change scam.

    In 1699, a certain John Aislabie inherited the Studley estate. A socially and politically ambitious man, he had become the Tory Member of Parliament for Ripon in 1695 and in 1718 became Chancellor of the Exchequer. In 1720 however he came unstuck! The Right Honourable member for Ripon had been a leading member of the South Sea Company scheme, the bill for which was promoted by him personally. After this vast financial operation collapsed (the South Sea Bubble), he was expelled from Parliament and disqualified for life from public office. The history surrounding the South Sea Island company has similarities with today’s carbon con. Funnily enough, some of these scams are registered in companies domiciled in Panama and the Caribbean, the area covered by the Asiento Treaty!

    Aislabie returned to Yorkshire and devoted himself to the creation of the garden he had begun in 1718. After his death in 1742, his son William extended his scheme by purchasing the remains of the Abbey and Fountains Hall. He also extended the landscaped area in the picturesque romantic style, contrasting with the formality of his father’s work. Between them, the two created what is arguably England’s most important 18th century Water Garden.

    Over a month ago now, on Wednesday 10th Nov ember to be precise, the programme in a series called “Ancient Worlds” was screened on BBC 2 at 9:00PM. Presented by historian and archaeologist Richard Miles, it was very good programme. One statement made by the presenter that struck home was that this was not a story of long-dead civilisations, but it was “the story of us, then” – his point being that despite living 6,000 years ago, the people were down to the molecular DNA level: Us. He gave an example of this by reading a letter (written on a clay tablet) from a merchant’s wife to her husband, who was working away from home. She was bemoaning the fact that he never sent her enough money to cover her expenses in running the house, and their neighbour had just had a new house built for his wife; why wouldn’t he do that for her?

    On Saturday, 18th December 2010, The Global Warming Policy Foundation published an excellent article by Jared Olar making essentially the same point as Richard Miles but on the topic of the climate change scam. This can be read at:

    The point I am making in this article is this: there is worrying little difference between the present collection of global warming enthusiasts and the ancient Aztecs who regularly sacrificed their enemies to prevent earthquakes.

    Indeed, present day politically correct Britain is helping to push the clock back to these murderous times. The nation’s children live in an overwhelming secular society. The vast majority of children who are members of what the BNP like to call, “the indigenous community” are never exposed to such as “Sunday School” – they are extraordinarily ignorant of the Christian heritage of this country. An example of this is this: nearly a year ago now, a person who shall not be identified to spare their embarrassment, asked me was I doing anything special to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Knowing that I had been brought up a Methodist and occasionally put in an appearance at the chapel asked: “Are you going to celebrate Midnight Mass?” Yes, they asked this on New Year’s Eve. Apart from the obvious point that non Conformist Protestants such as Methodists DO NOT celebrate the Roman Mass this person clearly had NO IDEA about the Christian calendar. They thought that the end of the calendar year was a Christian festival! This was not an ignorant or stupid person. They hold down a very responsible job. It is just that this godless secular country has brought forth a generation such as this.

    On Sunday Channel Five screened the excellent 1999 remake of Charles Dickens Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart as Scrooge. In the film, Fred, Scrooge’s nephew commented, “….his offences carry their own punishment….”

    Indeed. We can also see that politically correct modern Britain’s offences carry their own punishment too. The country is bring forth a generation of young people from “the indigenous community” starved of conventional religion but are being brought up on the new religion of the Gaia Hypothesis, the pagan Greek goddess of the Earth that the sum of the parts of the Earth’s ecosystems together make up a living thing. This new false religion led by those false prophets are creating a whole generation of young people who hold their belief of anthropogenic climate change with religious fervour. This of course is necessary as they will have to endure “sacrifice.” Such “sacrifices” will take the form of taxes, restrictions by price or direct rationing of goods and services. By undertaking such sacrifices they will of course gain the benefits that are not material but in their case, “quasi-spiritual.” Worryingly however, this new false religion has been enthusiastically taken up by many who profess themselves to be Christian. The personalities of many Christian clerics lends themselves naturally to incorporate Gaia into their belief system. So much so, that in certain church services one could almost say that the liturgy is becoming heretical!

    The church where my parents met, where they married, where I was baptised, where I went to “Sunday school” and where both their memorial services took place has fallen victim to this. As a result I no longer attend.

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      The propoganda machine has become wonderfully efficient and it is, of course, the European Parliament which now controls this machine. We should discredit them when appropriate at every opportunity.

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