• EU Regulations and Directives: the difference.


    When a government is effectively the enemy of the state, it is therefore, the enemy of the BRITISH PEOPLE. In the last forty or so years laws have been passed without the consent of Parliament and the British people, from the European Union. This is how it works: remember the people have no choice but to accept it and do not have any redress:

    REGULATION – takes precedence over any member state’s domestic law that is inconsistent with it. Member states are not required to make additional domestic laws to implement regulations. Individuals can rely on regulations in any court cases in their own country. An example of a regulation is Regulation 1408/71 which deals with EU nationals’ entitlement to social security benefits when in other member states.

    DIRECTIVES – set a goal which must be reached by a certain date. Member states are responsible for making their own laws in order to reach this goal.

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