• Global Cooling: the consequences.


    The British Gazette has for some time now been highlighting the dire consequences of the great global warming con on the reliable and affordable provision of the utilities (electricity, gas and water). What we have not featured on to date is that for the past half century or more we in Britain have been living in a mild and temperature climate having been spared harsh winters. This appears to be about to change. The major elements in the provision of out weather (or climate if you will) have been the majestic precession of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun through the heavens. These heavenly bodies have, are and will continue to wend they way through the Milky Way galaxy completely uninfluenced by ANYTHING mankind has done, is doing, will do, or, Mr. Ed. Miliband take note, say.

    We have already seen the initial consequences particularly in Northern Ireland. The absence of harsh winters has meant that those responsible for maintaining the infrastructure associated with the supply of water and sewerage have not had the impetus of harsh winters to ensure that the pipes are maintained or replaced. The result: many people especially in Ulster are suffering.

    This is only going to get worse. It will mean more investment. This will mean higher bills. In the Ridings of Yorkshire we too have suffered. Many of good people of Thirsk in the North Riding have had to welcome the New Year in without water in their taps. Supplies of bottled water have quickly left the shelves of the local shops.

    We can report first hand experiences as well: When we ran the bath taps the water pressure was very low due to leaks in the pipes. It took a long time to fill the bath.

    But then again, all good things comes to he who waits!

    Happy New Year from the West Riding of Yorkshire!

    • Well,, as one Tony to another it may surprise you know that the UK has not experienced any significant increase in global temperatures since 1958, and has not experienced any significant warming since.

      This tallies with the findings of New Zealand scientists who were forced to admit, on Christmas Eve that their climate scientists had been doctoring temperatures fro as far back as 1835 to produce evidence of global warming in oder to convince politicians that global warming is a fact. It is now a matter of record that New Zealand has not experienced any notable increase in temperatures for fifty years.

      NASA refuses to release the data Jame Hanson based his ridiculous 300% overestimated global temperatures, Anglia University’s climate data fabricators claim to have lost their original data base, as does the IPCC. However, it was because New Zealand’s yearly temperatures are a matter of public record that other scientists took the same data as their climate scientists and discovered the fraud.

      Even so. there is no scientific evidence to support any human influence on global climate, or of CO2 being the cause of global warming. The latter theory, rising CO2 levels being followed by identical rises in global temperatures was trashed in the British High Court. Over the past 650, 000 years rises in global temperatures have been followed by similar increases in CO2.

      Anthropogenic global warming is a criminal fraud, instigated by the UN during its African Review, the carbon tax is really a wealth re-distribution tax, designed to benefit Africa and third world countries.

    • Sorry, Jack Ketch, but that’s not a good answer.

      I’m not replying on ‘dodgy figures’, my own thermometer has told me over the past 40 years that this country, at any rate, has been getting warmer.

      Whilst accepting there is fraud and deception, especially when it comes to predictive models for the future, it is nevertheless a fact that, taking 1998 out of the equation altogether, the 10 years 1999-2008 have been warmer on average than the 10 years 1988-1997.

      To make wild allegations about fraudulent data is unwise unless you can substantiate where the fraud is in the data.

      What I have asked here is for someone to prove the British Gazette’s assertion that the earth is currently ‘getting cooler’. Please address this issue, give me the figures, and show me your proof.

      It hinders your case if you try to claim that 1999-2008 is cooler than 1988-2997.


    • Tony,

      I think you are relying on dodgy figures. The weather stations that gave the info you are relying on cannot be relied on as many stations have been closed down or relocated. This is because the fraudsters behind this are wanting to load the dice to ensure that the figures they need to perpetuate their scam are there. The fact is that the long term patterns indicate a cooling and this appears to be happening. I see that the BG has covered itself by using the phrase “appears to be cooling down.” We are dealing with a world wide conspiracy here. Gigantic sums of money are involved. When this is the case people play for very high stakes. The fact is though is that they can’t stop the solar system from moving through the galaxy the way it is! All they can do s to keep on doing what they are doing. Moving weather stations around or closing them down to fix the figures.


    • Whilst being a confirmed denier of man-made global warming/climate change, nevertheless I have an open mind as to whether we are actually in a period of global cooling or not. And of course since a ‘low’ around 1970, it is a fact that the world has been having a period of warmer temperatures.

      Whilst 1998 is generally accepted as the hottest year on record, the fact that temperatures since then have been a fraction lower does not necessarily mean that the current trend is that we are getting cooler.

      There are two other possibilities:

      1. That world temperatures have been stagnant in the past 12 years, or

      2. That the world is still getting warmer, but at a slower rate.

      I think it must be conceded for example that the 10 years 1999-2008 were warmer than the 10 years 1989-1998.

      If that is correct, then (for whatever reasons) the world is still, ON AVERAGE, getting warmer, despite the ‘high’ of 1998.

      That is why I should be very glad if you could provide us with some statistics to justify your claim that the world is getting cooler.

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