• Gabrielle Giffords: Gunned down meeting the people.


    The above image is of Gabrielle Giffords, currently gravely ill in hospital after being shot in the head. The British Gazette wishes her a speedy recovery and one that hopefully is as full as possible.

    The shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords representing Southern Arizona today has been said to be an attack on all those [American] politicians meeting and talking to their constituents which was what Congresswoman Giffords was doing at the time. It appears that the lady was commendably open and approachable to her electorate. She and her colleagues had set up a foldable table outside a supermarket on a Saturday morning and all were invited to come and discuss with her any issues they wished to raise. This lady’s actions are the very stuff, the bedrock of representative government.

    Notwithstanding the fact that this particular attack appears to be a particularly American phenomenon in the sense that it appears to be the actions of a deranged apolitical gunman able to get his hands on a weapon because of the US liberal attitude towards firearms regulation it nonetheless is illustrative of what those fanatical extremists that sadly are hiding among the peaceful and law abiding citizenry wish to achieve. That is to force the erection of walls and barriers between the people and their elected representatives.

    To their very great credit, the politicians in the USA had resisted calls for draconian “anti-terrorist” measures that restrict individual liberty and freedom of expression. They have resisted calls to reduce the rights of the accused in felony trials. Of course the treasonous coterie that masquerade as the government of this formerly sovereign land have done precisely the opposite. Law after restrictive law has been past. The liberties of the British People have been tossed onto the bonfires of history.

    Of course in removing the rights and liberties of the people our [British] politicians are doing precisely what the terrorists are wanting them to do. A very evil man once said that the object of political violence should be to force a democracy to dissolve itself by taking away, incrementally the freedoms of the people and handing the totalitarian state to them on a plate. That man’s name: Adolf Hitler.

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