• Southern Sudan: A new dawn?


    Above is an image of downtown Juba in southern Sudan. Readers will have noted the news reports that at long last the struggle of the Christian people of southern Sudan are going to be free of their oppressive Muslim oppressors.

    Of course, this situation should never have been allowed to come about. This is not suggesting that we should have had the wisdom of hindsight, for in the days when we controlled the Sudan we knew full well the problems between the Arab Muslims in the north and the African Christians of the south.

    Wisely we governed the north and south under separate administrations. From 1924, it was illegal for people living north of the 10th parallel to go further south and for people south of the 8th parallel to go further north. This was ostensibly enacted to prevent the spread of malaria and other tropical diseases but in reality it was to stop the two peoples from fighting each other, as well as to facilitate spreading Christianity among the remaining Animist population whilst stopping the spread of Islam southwards.

    Following Sudanese independence on 1 January 1956, a brutal civil war started. Long before this when we had the chance we should have set up a separate Crown colony of Juba south of the 10th parallel. It would have save countless lives and suffering.

    As it is the British Gazette can report some GOOD NEWS. The new republic appears to become a significant oil producer. See the link below.
    We are sure British Gazette readers will think this is a marvellous development. Let us hope the good people of Juba are allowed to benefit from this good fortune and not have their wealth embezzled by corrupt politicians and dictators that sadly seem so common on that benighted continent.

    • The Muslims have actually LOST control of an area.

      That is indeed a most welcome turn-up for the book!

    • Muslims in the North, Christians in the south.

      I cannot comment further due to the state of free speech in the UK.

      So free that it is OK to have banners wishing death to the British troops but not OK for me to dare print my comment upon this article.

      For once I am pleased to be in my 5th and not first decade..

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