• Agitprop, the BBC: Vive la différence?


    Above is a poster produced by Agitprop. Agitprop is derived from agitation and propaganda. The term originated in Bolshevist Russia (the future Soviet Union), where the term was a shortened form for the Department for Agitation and Propaganda, which was part of the central and regional committees of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The department was later renamed the Ideological Department.

    The Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat (aka the BBC) is the chief cheer-leader in this formerly sovereign country for the Glow-Bull-Warnist fraudsters. Their propaganda (as demonstrated in the video collection below) is clearly very effective for a whole of generation of ill-informed, misguided and idealistic young people have come to believe their bogus claims with the result that such as the operators of coal fired power stations are now the targets of these deluded zealots.

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