• Lies, damn lies and glow-bull-warnist lies.


    Predictably enough, the Glow-Bull-Warnist fraudsters are prattling on about how that dreadfully dangerous poison gas CO2 is the cause of the Australian floods. The British Gazette is not going to give any additional credence to these confidence tricksters by detailing their falsehoods.

    The British Gazette however will present the facts: Herewith below are graphs which detail the historical record of the Brisbane area in relation to the occasional floods. As you can see there was a very severe one in 1841. This was far more extensive than the one witnessed on our TV screens recently.
    You ask: Why then the immense destruction and misery?
    Because some idiot in the Brisbane planning department took notice of the Glow-Bull-Warnists telling them that the area was going to become a desert! And therefore it was perfectly OK to build on the flood plain!
    Why? CO2 of course!
    Now these same confidence tricksters are telling the same planners that the area will become a swamp!
    Why? CO2 of course!Clearly then, the 1841 flood was caused by the millions of early Victorian 4×4s and people carriers, not to mention the early Victorian jumbo jets!

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