• An exercise in impotence: Prisoner’s Votes.

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    Above and looking suitably alien, is the Cour européenne des droits de l’homme (European Court of Human Rights) in Strasbourg.

    Today, the “talking shop” that masquerades as the House of Commons is debating a cross-party motion about the European Court of Human Right’s direction that prisoners be given the vote.

    At no time in the years since 1972 has there been a clearer demonstration of the TREASON that has been perpetrated by the very people debating this issue right now.

    What is more startling is that the arch traitor, Mr Jack Straw – he who signed the European Constitution along with the other arch traitor, Mr Anthony Blair is one of the movers behind the debate!

    The British Gazette has two simple questions to ask this Queen’s Council:

    - What part of the words, Ceding Sovereignty, do you NOT understand?
    - If you hand the government of the country over to a foreign power, what do you expect?

    Of course the Europhile traitors will seek to argue that the European Court of Human Rights is not part of the European Union. This is rather like trying to argue that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is not the sovereign of Canada because she does not live there and is represented by a Governor-General.

    The facts of the matter are these: Adherence to the Charter of Human Rights contained within the European Convention on Human Rights and the acceptance of the jurisdiction and supremacy of the European Court of Human Rights over the Law of England and over the Law of Scotland is a requirement contained within the Treaty of Lisbon which these parliamentary eunuchs have ratified into UK Law.

    What does this mean?

    It means that these MPs can huff and they can puff, but the justices at the European Court of Human Rights will simply say: This is the law. Obey it.
    These MPs will find themselves in a position familiar to many litigants who have lost an action. The judge will have pronounced judgement. They do not like it but the law has to be obeyed. If they refuse they will be held in contempt and fined.

    As it is with a civil litigant, so it is with this formerly sovereign country. The MPs do not like the law, but they will have to obey it. Failure to do so will mean that millions of pounds in “compensation” will be handed to the thousands of prisoners in British gaols. Plus all their legal expenses. Who will pay? You Dear Reader – in your next tax demand.

    • I fail to see, why, if Parliament rejects the ECHR ruling, how it could be enforced?

      Will the EU declare war upon the UK?

      It would be rather self-defeating for the ECHR to fine Britain, knowing that Parliament could , and must refuse to pay them.

      Britain should withdraw from the ECHR, now.

      As for prisoners suing, Parliament can simply say that it has made a judgment, and that overrides any and all ECHR legislation.

      However, pigs are more likely to fly.

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