• Climate Change: Who is paying? And for what?


    Yesterday, Saturday 19th March, 2011 a climate change conference was held near St. Ives in Cambridgeshire. Speakers were James Dent – meteorologist and hydrologist; Roger Helmer, MEP, Fay Tuncay of the Repeal the Climate Change Act campaign, Professor Stephen Brush UMIST Professor of Engineering; David MacDonald; Professor Nils-Axel Morner, Piers Corbyn, Austin Williams and Philip Foster.

    The conference quickly resolved the two questions above: the answers being; The British People and Nothing.

    The more difficult and protracted challenge is what to do about it.
    Predictably, this conference ran true to the form of most other single issue and political conferences: preaching to the converted.

    As the speakers gave their erudite speeches no dissent was heard from the audience of this very well attended event.

    Those who came were furnished with much information on the parlous state of affairs in this formerly sovereign land. Stuart Agnew, MEP – who was in the audience – made the very valuable contribution of informing all those present that the government could not repeal the Climate Change Act as it would not be allowed to by the country’s overlord, the European Union.

    Whilst it would appear that the Glow-Bull-Warnists are in the ascendency, the strength of their position is less secure than might first appear. Firstly, the Climate realists have three major allies (above):

    The Earth, the Moon and the Sun are allies that the Glow-Bull-Warnists in the never to be sufficiently damned abomination that is the European Union cannot criminalise, regulate or intimidate. These three heavenly bodies will continue to do what they have always done: determine the weather.

    Paradoxically, the other group of allies are (involuntarily) the British politicians themselves. This is because these treasonous idiots have consistently have had their “heads in the sand” (the polite metaphor!) regarding the need to replace British generating capacity with something that will generate electricity when the wind does not blow and at night!

    Their ridiculous obsession with wind turbines and photo-voltaic cells may have won these nincompoops applause at their party conferences (from their politically correct activists) but it has well and truly sealed their fate. They have in fact signed their own political death warrants!

    Why? Power cuts. It is now too late to avoid power cuts. They will be here within the decade. When they arrive the ordinary British People (who comprise the overwhelming vast majority of the citizenry and who DO NOT attend party conferences or conferences such as the one held yesterday) will NOT tolerate the situation. Those of you who remember the 1974 Miner’s Strike will recall what caused Heath to loose the election he called. Power Cuts. You see, the ordinary member of the British Public (the one you will NEVER see at a party political or a single issue conference) likes to go to work in the morning, come home in the evening, get their meal ready, eat it and sit down and watch such as Coronation Street. Not for them the writing up of the minutes of the last committee meeting or organising the printing and distribution of election leaflets. No. Thus, when these good ordinary British folk find that there is no electricity they will NOT be prepared to adopt the wartime spirit that the delusional Caroline Lucas MP appears to want them to adopt.

    So to answer the last question yesterday’s conference posed: Where to we go from here? The answer is “Wait and See.”

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