• Mark Kermode: Is he the chairman of Mec Vannin?

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    Dear Sirs,

    I write as a BBC Licence Payer.

    Could you please advise if one of your “personalities” – who appears on the BBC presumably receiving some form of remuneration – Mark Kermode who is I understand, Doctor Kermode, Visiting Fellow at the School of Humanities, University of Southampton, is also the Chairman of a political party in the Isle of Man called Mec Vannin?

    The URL of the website Mec Vannin is: http://www.mecvannin.im/index.html

    If this is a simple case of two different people sharing a common name then please accept my apologies for troubling you. If however Doctor Kermode is in fact connected with Mec Vannin, could you please explain how such a person can be employed by the BBC?

    I realise that the Isle of Man is not part of the UK and therefore some may argue that membership of a political party outside the UK is not an issue. I would however point out that if the BBC practises the principals of equality a sacred principal of which must surely be “what is sauce for the goose is (and must always) be sauce for the gander”, then there might be a problem here. This is because there are many persons in this country with familial and other connections with Pakistan. Were such a person to have links and connections including membership and being an office holder in a political party in Pakistan, what would the BBC’s attitude be towards employing such a person, either on a full or part time basis?

    Yours faithfully,

    Peter H. Rogers
    West Riding of Yorkshire.

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