• Strange bedfellows: an embarrassing admission.


    Yesterday, following a BBC news item, it appears that the writer and Caroline Lucas, MP are of the same opinion on the proposed change to this country’s voting system for Westminster elections: that forced to choose between the Alternative Vote and First Past the Post, both of us would choose AV.

    British Gazette readers may be further distressed to learn that there are certain other facts that Caroline and us agree on. They are:
    - the Universe is a very big place.
    - light travels very quickly.
    - water is wet.
    - planet Earth is round not flat and orbits around the Sun.
    - Colonel Gaddafi is not a very nice man.
    And some things on which we partly agree, for example:
    - Caroline thinks that polar bears are nice and cuddly. The writer thinks that that is an opinion of polar bears shared only by other polar bears – and then only of the opposite sex!

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