• Ban the Beeb.

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    The chaos due to hit this country in around two years resulting from the myriad lunacies of “the Green agenda” have one principal cause. The continued existence of the BBC.

    Christopher Booker’s splendid article herewith:
    cites the depressing fact that the UK is the only country in the world that is pressing ahead in the way it is. This obviously begs the question why? And from that, “How can the politicians possibly get away with pursuing such crazy policies?

    The answer to both questions is that we have an overwhelmingly powerful state run broadcaster which is seen by the public to be independent of government control – largely true – and then assumes it to be an impartial and trusted source of information. This is the biggest problem facing democratic politics in Britain: the trust the overwhelming majority of British voters place in the BBC believing this state broadcaster is impartial.

    As British Gazette readers well know, the BBC has its own agenda. As a result the British public are subjected to an ongoing propaganda campaign pursing the Green agenda. No significant British politician from either of the two main parties has come out against the Green agenda.

    The fact of the matter is that it is the BBC that is the main problem here.

    The Editor of the British Gazette writer first became aware of the power and trust the BBC has in the minds of the British people in 1996, one year into the running of Corneal Clocks & Watches, a mail order business founded on 14th November, 1995.

    Corneal Clocks & Watches sold radio controlled clocks & watches by mail order. We made our profits on the sale of expensive German radio controlled watches costing between £150 and £750. Not unnaturally customers were often cautious and would purchase an inexpensive radio controlled alarm clock from us before trusting us with a £500 order. We supplied inexpensive radio controlled alarm clocks made in Germany. We also supplied very cheap radio controlled alarm clocks made in China. These Chinese alarm clocks were very cheaply made and were poor quality and very unreliable. Half the clocks delivered into our stock would not power up and were returned to the importer who gave us a refund. We once asked were these clocks returned to China. “Of course not” was the reply, “they are dumped in the skip.” Why then did we sell them? Because the Radio Times would regularly advertise them on a mail order basis and customers would ring them up and ask for this particular make. When we suggested the superior German clock they would say;
    “No. It must be a [brand name of manufacturer] it was advertised in the Radio Times. Its backed by the BBC.”
    This was not correct as the radio Times long since to be controlled by the BBC. Such however was the trust in which the ordinary British public held the BBC nothing we said could dissuade them from purchasing this piece of tat. As a result they would nearly always complain bitterly three or six months after purchase that we had sold them a piece of rubbish – they were correct we had. Any chance of selling them an expensive German wristwatch had evaporated. As a result we refused to sell these useless clocks. People still however asked for them quoting the hallowed name of the BBC.

    • The BBC has become a socialist quango. It has no intention of impartially broadcasting any viewpoint that opposes that which ‘it’ believes should be held.

      As for the UN’s anthropogenic global warming scam: Originally devised during its African Review, as a means of ‘wealth re-distribution’, to benefit Africa. Latterly as a means of funding a UN Global Government, the fraud continues.

      I challenge the BBC to hold an open debate on Anthropogenic Global Warming, Chris Huhne, The Climate Change Committee, Vs. Christopher Monkton, Christopher Booker, Václav Klaus, Alan Caruba and You.

      It will never be allowed to happen. Honesty is not allowed in the BBC.

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