• Pay More, Get Less: the Government’s energy policy.


    The above tranquil scene – a fitting name for this stretch of water must be the Sea of Tranquillity – encapsulates the energy policy of the three main UK political parties.

    The British Public are famous for looking to their pockets when it comes to judging politicians. This is the message that we Climate Realists must ram home:

    Green power is less power that costs you more. Much more.

    Less power of course refers to the power cuts that will soon be upon us.

    It will be the power cuts that will infuriate the people the most.

    Especially when they see that those least affected are the rich and the middle class who can afford to purchase generator sets to enable them to watch TV and surf the internet and walk around their homes at night without the need for a battery torch.

    Of course the one institution that will seek to protect the politicians from the consequences of their actions will be the BBC.

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