• Woe, woe and thrice woe!

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    Above is the character, “Senna the Soothsayer” played by Jeanne Mockford in the BBC sit-com “Up Pompeii” which ran between 30th March and 26th October, 1970. Many will remember Senna coming onto the set with her catchphrase, “Woe, woe and thrice woe!” to warn “Lurkio” played by Frankie Howerd of some imminent disaster.

    Well it seems that the British Gazette is to play the role vacated by Senna to warn the British People of a gloom laden future – the gloom being in the form of power cuts and the associated despondency inculcated in the minds of those affected.

    Due to the cold weather at the beginning of this year, six coal fired power stations including Kingsnorth, Ferrybridge, Didcot A and Tilbury, have used – according to the excellent Christopher Booker – more than half the permitted 20,000 hours before they have to close down.

    This means that these power stations have about 400 days left to run.

    Of course there is no technical, logistical or engineering reason why these power stations could not continue to provide the British people with electricity for some considerable time to come. The reason for the enforced shut down is the Large Combustion Plant directive of the never to be sufficiently damned abomination that is the European Union.

    This of course is a disaster and the three largest of the six produce twice as much electricity than all the wind turbines are theoretically capable of producing – this is to say that the wind blows at the optimum levels across the entire country!

    For those thinking that the cross-Channel high voltage direct current (HVDC) connection can solve the problem the bad news is that this link can only transmit a mere 2 GigaWatts.

    This of course will be a political disaster for whatever band of the treasonous lying traitors are masquerading as the government of this formerly sovereign kingdom at the time. When the power cuts come the climate change pigeons will have well and truly come home to roost for this will have been an entirely self inflicted burden on the country. A burden which will be disproportionately borne by those middle and lower income citizens (the vast majority) who will have not had the money to purchase diesel generator sets to provide electricity for WHEN AND NOT IF the lights go out.

    Many British Gazette readers will have noted some of the politicians remark, “……we are all in this together….” to describe the economic consequences and after effects of the global financial crisis. Do not expect these idiots to use this phrase for much longer for as the inevitability of power cuts finally dawns upon them they will realise the full political horror – for them – of what is to come.

    It will be bad enough to have to explain to the voters that the only reason for the cuts is a failure of government policy to replace the continuous generating capacity with new continuous generating capacity and having to rely on the much smaller intermittent generating capacity of the ridiculous wind-turbines.

    What will be the coup de grace for these idiots will be the fact that ordinary hard working families will find their evenings spoilt by lack of TV and that these ordinary hard working families will know that the rich people living in the up-market neighbourhoods nearby will have been able to avoid the disappointment of missing the favourite TV programmes and the ability to surf the internet as these rich folks will have been able to afford their own back up diesel generators.

    British Gazette readers will of course be fully aware that the consequences of power cuts will be more serious than the loss of TV programmes. There will be the misery and cost of loss of frozen food in deep freezes – and also a health consequence of food poisoning by people consuming previously thawed and refrozen food. Most critically affected will be those – especially elderly and disabled people – with the misfortune to be living in accommodation heated by electric storage heaters.

    The worst is likely to come in the winter of 2013. British Gazette readers will recall the bitingly cold windless days earlier this year – when wind turbines were still – and the country generated up to 60 GigaWatts of power.

    Then of course will be the consequences of increased crime. Criminals will of course take advantage of the darkness and reduced security afforded to them by no street lighting and no CCTV cameras. Their felonious enterprises will have been assisted by the electricity companies who will have helpfully published in advance on the internet the areas to be affected by power cuts – where and when. This will enable the criminals to plan ahead.

    Of course the police will attempt to do their level best to counter this by extra patrols. Their best efforts however will have been hindered by the actions of this Brokeback government through cuts in police numbers!

    Stultum facit fortuna, quem vult perdere. (Whom Fortune wishes to destroy, she first makes mad.) Publilius Syrus, Maxim CMXI (911).

    • I predict, hope and pray that we will have left the EU before then Peter. Hopefully in time to get at our lovely Yorkshire coal and burn as much as we need to.

      I really do not think that the EU project will survive much longer, oh happy day when that happens.

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