• A Suspension of Belief.


    Today the eyes of a large part of the nation were affixed on their TV screens watching the wedding of TRHs the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Earl and Countess of Strathearn and Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus. The British Gazette wishes the happy couple a long and happy life together.

    Commentators correctly noted that the ceremony was a mixture of the private and the public. Today an audience of two billion witnessed two people pledge themselves to a union before God. This is and must always be an intensely personal commitment between these two people.

    It was interesting was it not to observe that as the Dean of Westminster in his part of the ceremony described correctly what Christian marriage was all about – in that congregation as invited guests there were persons whose lifestyle choices completely contradict this teaching.

    It is also interesting to note on a wider scale that in fact that today many children are born out of wedlock and a raised to adulthood without ever setting foot inside a church.

    Today, to state that Christian marriage is the bedrock of British Society is incorrect. Today, to state that Christian marriage should be the bedrock of British Society is regarded as bigotry.

    What the audience of two billion also watched on their TVs was the large scale and very public affirmation of loyal support by over half a million Britons who camped out, many of them for days, to take part in the celebration of the Cambridge’s happiness. It was truly a joyful occasion.

    Yet however British Gazette readers will be aware of an undercurrent. Not from the hundreds of thousands of loyal Britons but from their leaders (the Cambridge’s excepted). The British state put on yet another example of what it has always done so well: a superb mix of pomp and circumstance that is patriotic and proud and yet completely free of hubris and chutzpah that so many foreign states simply cannot match.

    And yet, we know that the pomp and the circumstance is now but a pastiche and a charade. When the 1902 state landau that returned the Cambridges to Buckingham Palace was first used in 1902 the nation was an Imperial power of the first rank. The pomp and circumstance reflected reality. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was a great Imperial and Sovereign power.

    No more. All the splendour, the Union flags festooned from the ornate street architecture, was a charade. There is no independent realm for William to one day inherit. He will – if nothing changes – be a suzerain ruler just like the Landgrave of Hess-Cassel, the father of Princess Augusta, the wife of HRH Frederick 1st Duke of Cambridge.

    The love and patriotic fervour of so many Britons so publicly displayed on this happy day shows to the fullest extent the level of betrayal of these good, honest, loyal and patriotic folk by their ELECTED leaders.

    Even when properly kitted out, the EU’s puppet Cameron could not fail to let slip the evidence: commenting on the numbers of people bedded down for the night yesterday, Cameron said that there was not a square centimetre to be found. So much for support for our customary weights and measures then. Some readers may say that this is a minor point and it is: but Cameron made this statement naturally. He was relaxed, he was off guard. His use of metric as his natural thought process shows us that this man is at heart a European and not a Briton. Of course, the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat can always be relied upon to come of with the metric goods and so it did by informing us that the Duchess of Cambridge’s train was 2 metres 17 centimetres in length. That by the way Dear Reader is of course seven feet one and two fifths of an inch.

    • Ah, but the subtlety of the betrayal, is its promotion of the myth, the we the betrayed can do nothing to change the situation.

      Aided and abetted by the media, and our Europhile elite, our politicians can openly, cheat, lie, and steal from us, without fear of repercussion.

      We are expected to pay an unlawful assembly, the EU, £48,000,000 per day, and also pay immediate state benefits to any of its millions of EU citizens, who care to claim them.

      Meanwhile, our Foreign Office, is giving away £17bn, because it is allowed to.

      Supermarkets, have become State subsidised, sweatshops, employing mainly part-time workers, on 18hr p.w. contracts, in order to avoid paying National Insurance for them, costing the State, £billions, per year. While these minimum wage PT employees, do not get paid overtime rates for overtime, and most are forced to claim some kind of state benefit, in order to live; making supermarkets, the biggest single beneficiary of our benefits sytem in Britain.

      Meanwhile, our cancer victims can’t get drugs, and our elderly die of squalor and neglect.

      The idiots of the NHS wasted £billions on monolithic hospitals, which make it almost impossible to isolate, infection, and £billions more on flu vaccines, that the manufacturers admit, never worked,

      I believe, hat the Global Government wannabees, our liberal elite, are not attempting to secure our economy, but to wreck it, along with our chances of shucking off the yoke of the EU.

    • I am so glad I was not on my own in noticing his words. It really did show his true Colours! He is a true Europhile. We-the people of this great Country are truly British and we will never be “Europeans”, why can’t HE see that? We really are in great defence of our Country in evey way.

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