• The Sound of Silence.


    A few days ago I heard, in all seriousness, a piece on the BBC about electric cars. The big issue was ‘what noise should they make?’
    Because at low speeds they are almost silent and for that reason rather dangerous to pedestrians. So, and you’ll need to read this bit carefully, the EU is setting up a group (at enormous expense of
    course) to work out the ‘best’ sound the car must make and then make that sound a regulation to be obeyed by every EC manufacturer for the EU market.

    Never mind the fact that electric cars are a total waste of a lot of money, that they are more ‘carbon hungry’ than conventional cars (as of course they use electricity generated by coal/oil or gas powered
    Generators) – not that that worries me – and are useless in any season but high summer for even a slow jaunt to the local garden centre.

    Just imagine yourself high on the Yorkshire moors in a blizzard in your electric buggy (sorry car): power is dropping off fast as temperatures plummet (battery voltage is heavily temperature dependent). No heating because that would drain the battery further…
    you could well die from exposure.

    Give me a petrol/diesel car any day. 100 years ago the issue was decided in New York. Electric cars versus petrol cars: petrol won hands down. Nothing much has changed in 100 years!

    Article written by: Rev. Philip Foster MA, Cambridgeshire.

    • I have to say that this is a rather far fetched scenario, as by time the EU’s recommendations become draconian diktats , we will have no generators in the UK, capable of charging a car.

      Clueless Chris Huhne, the millionaire dimwit, has seen fit to abuse his post as Minster of Energy, to advance his claim to be ‘King of the Greens’.

      In an act of sheer insanity, the charlaton of anthropogenic climate change, has decreed, that British Industry will be unable to compete, with foreign competition, even within the Madhouse, known as the EU.

      While, his colleague and leader, Nick Clegg, has also handicapped Industry, by enforcing employers to pay six-months paternity pay, for the fathers of new babies.

      He is also demanding an expansion of family friendly hours,

      Supermarkets, love family friendly hours, as do firms such as Argos, with their eighteen-hours-per-week contracts.

      However, these companies, not only undermine competition and choice, they destroy full time jobs, and in doing so become the biggest, billion-pound-beneficiaries of the State’s Welfare Benefits System.

      Every week, they save hundreds of thousands of pounds, by not having to contribute to these part-time workers National Insurance.
      An estimated minimum of 50% of these workers, because of their low wages, are entitled to claim a state benefit, and Council tax rebates.

      Therefore, it follows that the real reason for the success of companies, such as Tesco, is not their shrewd marketing policy, but their cynical exploitation of our benefits system, courtesy of clowns such as Nick Clegg’s , Liberal Lunatics Party

    • Yet another reason then to get out of this nonsense called the EU.

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