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    One hundred and five years ago today a son was born to two parents in a village called Golberdon a couple of miles outside Callington in Cornwall. This boy was born as a British Subject of King Edward VII into an empire on which the sun never set. So named as there was always a part of British territory on which the sun shone – the British Empire spanned the globe. On that day – a Monday – the newspapers will have been concerning themselves with the issues of the day. In February that year the Liberal Party won a landslide victory over the Conservatives and Welfare Reform was the issue of the day.

    Today, 105 years later, the newspapers are full of reports indicating their indignation with senior judges for the numerous “gagging orders” – the so called “super injunctions.” The tabloids proffer high minded justification and talk about freedom of speech and that parliament should have power over the courts.

    Of course, they are annoyed as they just want to sell lots of newspapers by reporting upon the peccadilloes of certain celebrities.

    Their indignation at the judges is however completely misplaced. The politicians pontificate that parliament should make the law. The British Gazette agrees! The facts are however that it is the European Court of Human Rights that is making the law and the UK is legally required by the terms of the Treaty of Lisbon to accept this. All the judges are doing is interpreting the European Convention on Human Rights.

    Of course our politicians are outright liars when they make statements such as the European Convention on Human Rights has the same legal power as the Beano! The fact is that the European Convention on Human Rights through the status conferred upon it by the Lisbon Treaty supersedes all UK statutes. This explains the reason behind this Brokeback government’s statement that there will be no privacy law. The simple reason is that any law that does not comply with the judgements of the European judges has to be struck down. The fact that the law may have been passed by an overwhelming majority of MPs and had the support of the overwhelming majority of the British People will count for absolutely nothing.

    British Gazette comment: If one hands the government of the country over to a foreign power; what do you expect?

    That little boy born 105 years today grew up to adulthood, went to college, became a chartered engineer, married a lady in the West Riding of Yorkshire and had a son. He died on Friday 11th July 2003. He did not however die as a British Subject but as a citizen of the European Union. This was a man who served his country in World War Two to see a group of traitors conspire to hand the government of it to a foreign power.

    That man was Bernard Henry Growden Rogers and he was my father.

    Dad, I guess there is no need to wish you happy birthday as you are now in heaven and is therefore is as superfluous as this present government!

    • Firstly, you must be very proud of your father, and he is, you may be sure, equally proud of you, fighting on for British Independence.

      I’m not sure if you know that the Government is gagging You Tube, Videos taken during a ‘Lawful Rebellion’, that took Place in Birkenhead, Liverpool, on 7th March, when a judge was arrested in his own court room. If you Google, Lawful Rebellion, Birkenhead, other like minded websites are carrying detailed reports, and videos.

      However, Phillips concern over child trafficking, by the State, is a concern that I have written about. ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Adoptable Commodities, can be read in my, Angry Old Git column, in the Nottinghamshire Times.


    • A moving tribute to a man who must indeed have seen (and done) a great deal.

      On a different note, one light hearted the other sombre.

      Firstly the Punch joke of the teacher pointing to a map of the world and saying, “the countries coloured pink on the map are the ones we owe money to.”

      Secondly regarding super-injunctions: I care little about the great and the good’s reputations, but I do care about the parents from whom social workers attempt to kidnap their children for forced adoption. This is going on around the country. These parents have these injunctions slapped on them by social workers and police (and judges) preventing them talking to anyone (including solicitors or their MP) about their plight. That is real tyranny.

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