• Angela im Wunderland? Nicht wirklich (Not really).

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    The announcement by Frau Doktor Merkel that Germany will close its nuclear power stations and shift to wind turbines is clearly popular with the German public – but if these are not replaced elsewhere (beyond Germany’s borders) it will be a disaster for German industry. Unlike the UK, Germany still has a large and vibrant manufacturing sector. German industry is a large scale user of electric power.

    The practical result of this policy is obvious: Germany will import its electricity from her neighbours, France and Poland. Yes, Germany will construct large numbers of offshore wind turbines in the Heligoland Bight but the power will come from nuclear in the end. This is because the large, powerful and influential Green movement are just as opposed to coal fired power stations as they are to nuclear.

    The Polish government appears to be keen to exploit this madness currently occupying the German psyche. The British Gazette is very pleased. For centuries the Poles have been a football kicked between its two powerful and aggressive neighbours, Germany and Russia. Now it seems the Poles will be able to capitalise on their location. Of course the money will be provided by German industry.

    Chancellor Merkel is an intelligent and educated woman. She is fully aware of this. She will regard the negative results to Germany’s balance of payments more than offset by the political gains. It is however sweet irony that the areas in which these new nuclear power plants will be built are likely to be in the case of France Alsace-Lorraine (German up to 1914) and in Poland, the former German lands of Pomerania, Posen and Silesia! An adaption of Edwin Percy Whipple’s quote is most apposite we think:

    “Irony is an insult conveyed in the form of a compliment. Placing its victim naked on a bed of briars and bristles, thinly covered with rose-leaves; adorning her brow with a crown of gold, which burns into her brain; teasing, and fretting, and riddling her through and through with incessant discharges of hot shot from a masked battery; laying bare the most sensitive and shrinking nerves of her mind, and then blandly touching them with ice, or smilingly pricking them with needles.”

    How Bismarck will be spinning in his grave!!!!!!

    Of course if the German Greens in turn their attention to the nuclear plants in Poland and France expect trouble.

    • We can now discern a planned destruction of the Western Industry and economies, by removing their power stations.

      The investment bankers, in whose pockets the politicians now live, are investing heavily in low wage third world countries, whose success is guaranteed, once the West are forced to import, power and goods.

      Treason has never been so blatant, or profitable.

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