• Climate Change: Attack from the Left.


    Above is a Russian idealised portrait of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Of course, to many British Gazette readers the idea of having such a portrait hanging in pride of place in their living room will not appeal.

    Before dismissing Lenin as a brutal monster readers may care to consider reflecting upon the portrait and try and imagine what the artist was trying to portray.

    The painting reflects the fervour of the time: remember that life in Tsarist Russia for the vast majority of people was harsh. It was a land of grinding poverty for most people. The gilded baroque palaces of the aristocracy – the fortunate few – were at the top of a pinnacle, their lavish lifestyles funded by the rents of the peasantry.

    Lenin and the Bolsheviks offered the prospect of a new future of freedom and prosperity for the masses. Of course it did not amount to that but in the 1920s in post war Europe Bolshevism was an idealist philosophy.

    Since the time of Karl Marx, the attack on capitalism has come from the left flank. It is the opinion of the British Gazette that this is where the attack on the great global warming scam has to come from. Currently, the attack is being directed from the right, these being US “neo-Cons”, British Eurosceptic former Tories such as Roger Helmer and UKIP and the BNP. Currently, the green issue has become the property of the left. This we think is the Greenies greatest weakness.

    Consider the raft of reports of foreign corporations purchasing vast tracts of African farmland to grow bio-fuels at the expense of subsistence farmers. Consider the huge subsidies for the generation of renewable energy that benefits the rich at the expense of the poor (in higher electricity bills). Consider all the jobs that are to be exported from the first world to the third as manufacturing industry in places such as Germany is transferred to countries such as China and India.

    Who suffers? Premier division footballers and their WAGs? Bankers (with and without bonuses)?

    Not a bit of it.

    It will be the industrial working class in places such as Middlesbrough and Salford.

    The politicians talk of “green jobs” but the few created will not offset the large numbers of those lost.

    The facts are that the harsh and socially regressive effects of green politics impact on the poor and the expense of the rich – who are laughing all the way to the bank – in the Cayman Islands of course!

    If the great global warming scam is to be defeated the attack must come from the left. It is essential that approaches are made to left wing parties, organisations and trades union.

    • The ‘greening of the globe’ has acquired a political, moral and idealistic cloak that will be difficult if not impossible to remove. The only refutation is through science – something that few understand.

      The green lobby and its obsessional warming theories are a first rate example of the way in which small untruths repeated often enough and forcefully, become orthodox and mainstreamv thinking requiring the re-alignment of national budgets, taxation and industrial development. Meanwhile, Russia, China and India flex their collective manufacturing muscle while the West impoverishes itself.

      Strangely enough, no one ever refers to population control.

    • With traitors on the left of Parliament and traitors to the right,
      When scoundrels become judges, who steal our children,
      Turn justice on its head, claim two wrongs now make a right
      When our Common Law rights and freedoms are hidden out of sight,
      It is time to end useless protests, and now time to start the fight?

      If we want our country back, we’re going to have to take it, or become slaves.

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