• If you want to know the time: Ask Rebecca Harris or Boris Johnson.


    Above left is the MP for Castle Point in Essex, Rebecca Harris. Above right is the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

    Both Mrs Harris and Mr Johnson are enthusiasts for putting the clocks forward by one hour.

    The British Gazette agrees and their idea that is supported by RoSPA. This proposal is a very good idea. It means that the country moves onto Central European Time.

    Many Eurorealist British Gazette readers will ask: Why?

    Because to be in the same time zone as Frankfurt will benefit the City of London – which is why Boris Johnson is in favour of it. There is a very good chance that if this proposal goes through London will end up taking business from Frankfurt. London will always be the preferred choice over Frankfurt for international business and finance. London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on earth. Its infrastructure and capital markets combined with the use of the English language makes it the first choice for most outside Europe. Furthermore, being in the same time zone as France and Germany will assist Britain’s service sector exports.

    Fellow Eurorealists take note: Putting the UK on Central European time involves NO loss of sovereignty. Guaranteed! Dear Reader: Whilst you cannot trust the Europhiles in their statements about sovereignty, you can trust the British Gazette.

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