• “Hail to the Chief” (Druid)!

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    Today as British Gazette readers will note is the day of the summer solstice of the northern hemisphere (it is of course the winter solstice for the southern hemisphere). The summer solstice occurs exactly when the Earth’s and the Moon’s axial tilt is most inclined towards the sun, at its maximum of 23° 26′. The solstice is in fact an instant in time and not the day. The solstice will occur at precisely 6:18PM this evening. It is at that point the sun will be at its highest in the sky.

    To British Gazette readers, the summer solstice is of course an astronomical phenomenon and nothing to write home about. To our “new age” “eco” Green friends however this is a very special day. For them, the Rites of Flereous and Pan and of Baphomet (aka, Gaia, Mother of the Earth).Another goddess that they honour at this time is Nahemoth.

    Above is a photograph of Mr John Rothwell at Stonehenge earlier today – just after dawn in fact. Mr Rothwell is dressed in druidic robes and was the Master of Ceremonies. He was joined by a crowd of some 18,000 followers.

    To these new agers however Mr Rothwell is known as the Chief Druid. Mr Rothwell is also it seems none other than His Druidic Majesty King Arthur of Britain! His Druidic Majesty was in fact crowned in Kingston Upon Thames in 1998. This is because Mr Rothwell has discovered – after reading a book – that he is the reincarnation of the original King Arthur. His coronation was attended by the representatives from five druidic orders. It is not known whether the Lord Mayor of Kingston Upon Thames was invited or attended.

    Since that time His Druidic Majesty has campaigned for the rights of his followers to attend druidic festivals at Stonehenge. In 2000, the Blair government granted full public access to Stonehenge for celebrating the solstices.

    This was not His Druidic Majesty’s first “run in” with the authorities. His Druidic Majesty had refused to pay the Poll Tax, aka, Community Charge. As you do when you are a sovereign in your own right! He was subsequently summoned to court. His case was presided over by Lord Tenby. Lord Tenby allowed His Druidic Majesty to wear his robes and Excalibur (King Arthur’s sword) in court, and allowed His Druidic Majesty to swear oath on the sword. His Druidic Majesty was ordered to pay his Community Charge.

    His Druidic Majesty has been arrested, mainly for trespass, over 30 times. Whilst in prison as a remand prisoner, He was denied his remand prisoners right to wear his own clothing – his Druidic robe – and ordered to wear prison uniform. His Druidic Majesty refused to comply with these orders, and decided to become the prison’s nude inmate! He was subsequently placed in solitary confinement – for reasons that are surely obvious!

    Druids on remand in HM Prisons are now allowed to wear their druidic robes!

    The British Gazette reports on these events and this let us say, eccentric personality, as these druidic beliefs are very much part of the eco-movement. Many environmentalists attach the Gaia philosophy to their belief that human produced CO2 is a threat to planet Earth.

    It is a fact that druidic and pagan (Wicca) beliefs and practises are becoming increasingly widespread throughout our country. That this is so should come as no surprise. For decades now our schools have promoted a mish-mash of platitudinous ramblings instead of traditional Christian worship. NB: the UK’s monarch (not HDM King Arthur) swears at their Coronation to uphold and promote the Protestant religion. Just one of the many things that appear to have “gone by the wayside” since June 1953. This is of course reflected in the “identity crisis” experienced by the Church of England and the Methodist Church.

    The hold and deep seated extent to which paganism is now in the minds of the ordinary British public is evidenced by the appearance of floral shrines at the sites where deaths – mainly road deaths have occurred. This was in fact the chief and major way the ancient pagan peoples marked the death of a loved one. Flowers were laid at the spot where the loved one passed over from this world to the next. This actual spot was deemed very important and floral tributes and ceremonies were held at such points where practical. When you see TV pictures of modern Britons laying floral tributes at the roadside this is exactly what their pagan ancestors did. It should therefore come as no surprise that the nonsense spouted by the Green Party, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace find such a receptive audience.

    Finally, it should of course be noted that His Druidic Majesty and his environmentalist colleagues got the timing of their ceremony wrong! If one is going to copy our ancient ancestors and celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge one does it at the actual point of the solstice! Which as previously mentioned is in fact at eighteen minutes past six this evening! It was therefore totally unnecessary for these new age revealers to go without sleep and wander around in the damp in the wee small hours. If they return to Stonehenge at the appointed time (18:16 BST) they will see that the stones will cast their shadows as they were designed to – marking this precise moment! Therefore, along with their barmy ideas about CO2 threatening polar bears this is just another thing they have got completely wrong!

    • With the heathens of the equality brigade launching an attack on Christians and The Church of England, it comes as a surprise that Trevor Phillips did not object to the lack of ethnic minorities at the ceremony.

      The Church of England, and its members are exempted from any interference with its activities, by unelected Quango dictators.

      The Church of England, is not subject to diversity, employment or equality laws, or to Parliament, or the Queen. Magna Carta specifically granted the Church of England freedom from any interference from Crown or Statet, subject to Common Law.

      It can refuse to endorse female, or gay clergy, adoption by same sex couples, with impunity. Shouldn’t someone wake up, Britain’s first non-believer Archbishop of Canterbury, who declared the miracles of Jesus, were only myths, and tell him to tell the equality commission to get lost.

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