• Guy Verhofstadt: President of the Lib-Dem’s European Parliamentary Group.


    Warning: The above video contains material that may be offensive to persons of a patriotic disposition.

    Above is a contribution from the sometime Prime Minister of that non-country of Belgium. If you have blood pressure tablets, take them before watching.

    NB: Mr Verhofstadt is the president of the LibDems MEP group in Brussels. Now you can judge the LibDems by the calibre of people they keep company with.

    • You forget one thing Mine Herr! The EU is not a country! It is a political union, and sadly at this time it is still a corrupt union as you are well aware! So when you are ridiculing my country and its monarchy you are showing a shameful lack of understanding of the true values held by the Mother country you so deride. It seems beyond the grasp of many of your ilk that Britain still believes in a democracy, something you obviously have never fought for, or perhaps have looked to others to protect for you. No Sir, until you and your kind have laid down your lives for the freedom of your country please do not spill your verbal rubbish into others ears ..

    • Oh dear, this guy is seriously deranged!

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