• Mr & Mrs Bowers: a very happy and very sensible couple.


    Euromillions Draw number 396 rolled over again on Friday 8th July for the 14th time resulting in the maximum allowable jackpot of €185,000,000 which equated to £164,761,000. This was not surprising since the odds are in the region of 116 million to 1 of winning this sum. Were a UK person to win they would become the 418th richest person in the UK.

    Meanwhile, above is a picture of the happy couple who shared £3,497,114 in the £6,994,228 National Lotto Draw number 1620 rollover of Saturday 2nd July.

    They are Mr Chris Bowers and his wife Sue. Mr Bowers who had been employed as a fork lift truck driver announced his retirement and the couple intend to purchase a larger home so they can look after Mr Bowers 92 year old father and to travel using their motorhome. Mrs Bowers also desires a larger garden.

    The British Gazette congratulates Mr and Mrs Bower on their good fortune and wishes them well for the future. As to any person winning the Euromillions jackpot of €185 million on Tuesday 12th July, our advice is simple and straightforward: Be sensible and do not attempt to remain anonymous. The British tabloid press (present difficulties notwithstanding) will hunt you down like a fox. Your best option is to retain personal possession of say one eighth of the winnings – which would equate to an enormous £20,595,125 based upon the £ € exchange rate remaining the same – and to set up a charitable trust for the remainder.

    Many would suggest that this would be a great act of selfless generosity. It would in fact be an act of great common sense and wisdom. For an ordinary person to win over £20 million will equip them with sufficient funds to live a life of great comfort and luxury. For an ordinary person to win over £164 million will cause them to become a target of attention grabbers, tabloid journalists and worse. They would find retaining personal possession of such an enormous sum a curse and not a blessing.

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