• George Osborne: Gets out of jail – Free!!!!!!

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    It seems that the “little local difficulty” being experienced by our dearly beloved friends in Brussels has finally been recognised by some in the Tory Party as representing their “Get out of jail free” card.

    To those readers not fully aware of the constitutional position, herewith a brief and truncated summary: George Osborne as a Privy Councillor has committed the felony crime of PERJURY in breaching the Privy Council Oath. As well as the little matter of the ultimate felony crime, High Treason, by causing the Queen to breach her Coronation Oath! Realising his and his colleague’s predicament he appears to be seizing the opportunity presented by the Eurozone crisis as plotting a way back to establishing if not lawful government in these islands, government that is at least less unlawful than it was!

    Realising that in order to maintain the Eurozone for the long term, its members will necessarily have to cede economic, fiscal and tax authority to Brussels, he has therefore called for just that. This of course will mean a “two speed Europe” a phrase used to describe the situation where the Eurozone members will integrate further and the others will not. Indeed, it appears that in order to secure British agreement the Tories will demand that the EU gives back some competences to those not in the Eurozone.

    Of course, the Tories problem is that many of their number such as Clarke, Patten et al want to see the UK governed by Brussels. Then of course there is Clegg and the Cleggerons! Not to mention Mr Millipede and Mzzz Harridan Harperson!

    This organ doubts that the Tories have the political will and courage to succeed in this venture to recover competences previously ceded to Europe.

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