• Greenhouse Effect Theory exposed as bunkum.


    British Gazette readers will be delighted to read that a new physics paper shows how climate modellers treated Earth like a star by turning night and day into a 24-hour twilight.

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    Herewith a synopsis by Hans Schreuder:

    Astrophysicist Joe Postma’s new paper, ‘The Model Atmosphere’ (July 22, 2011), highlights and then dissects the “night & day flaw” in standard greenhouse gas effect (GHE) equations plus the spurious concept of “back radiation heating” that is increasingly dismissed by experts as unphysical.

    Postma proposes a more realistic atmospheric model based on the fact that our earth is made up of two thermodynamically opposite hemispheres with one hemisphere continuously being heated by solar energy, the other hemisphere receiving no solar energy at all and continuously cooling, yet both hemispheres together, the sphere that is our earth, radiate energy to the vacuum of space.

    Although it has commonly been assumed that 12 hours of intense solar heating, followed by 12 hours of cooling down, can be mathematically represented as 24 hours of frigid solar heating, Postma shows that this assumption is fallacious and that it leads people to imagine that a 33°C disparity must owe to an atmospheric “greenhouse effect” caused by radiating trace gases. Fitting the earth-atmosphere system to an actual 12-hour insolation period, however, obviates such an explanatory mechanism, likewise removing any rationale for alarm about additional carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

    In clearly written language, Postma shows how a basic equation of radiative physics, and the modelling techniques used for stellar atmospheres, have been applied incorrectly to our earth and how in actuality the bottom of the atmosphere is supposed to be warmer than the radiative average of the entire ensemble.

    To compensate for these inherent flaws, rather than correcting them, most climatologists have argued for the existence of a radiation-enhancing “greenhouse effect”, a postulate that Postma demonstrates to be devoid of logic and coherent meaning since it contradicts (and even reverses) the laws of physics.

    We hope that Postma’s alternative thermal model will lead to the birth of a new climatology, one that actually follows the laws of physics and properly physical modeling techniques.

    This is Postma’s follow-up paper to his earlier ‘Understanding the Atmosphere Effect’ (March 2011) and becomes the latest and most compelling of a series of science papers undermining the credibility of a clique of UN government-funded climatologists.

    With so much of the science of climate requiring a high level of mathematical ability to comprehend, it comes as a delight to see a scientist use real-world analogies to reveal the obvious anomalies that common-sense thinking backs up.

    Postma deftly shows how the systemically tautologous conjecture that is “back-radiative heating” just doesn’t add up. We see how climatologists fudged the numbers to make it appear as if Earth actually raises its own temperature by having its own radiation fall back upon it – a conjecture contrary to fundamental physics.

    The error of this reasoning is exposed in a physically real scenario by comparison of day-time desert and tropical conditions at similar latitude. Postma explains how the desert, which is nearly devoid of the strongest “greenhouse gas”, water vapour, easily reaches far higher temperatures, contradicting the hypothesis that more GHG’s induce higher temperatures.

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