• Climate Change: Some blunt talking from Michael O’Leary.

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    Following neatly on from yesterday’s article, Mr O’Leary’s comments – expressed in a typically pugnacious manner – are most apposite. As too was an item on the BBC’s “Top Gear” motoring magazine broadcast at 8:00PM on BBC 2 yesterday evening. This was two of the programme’s presenters, Mr Jeremy Clarkson and Mr James May road testing two electric cars. Their task? To road test these two vehicles on a day trip to the seaside.

    The seaside in question was Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire. A son of the West Riding, this was clearly Mr Clarkson’s choice. The programme did not say from where they had set off but we can make certain deductions. Mr Clarkson is now resident in the Cotswolds. The programme showed them approaching the city of Lincoln along that part of the Fosse Way which is the A46.

    Given the range of the electric cars Mr Clarkson was driving – a maximum range according to the EU testers of 109 miles – and the fact that he was out of power – the car was “unable to proceed” at traffic lights in Lincoln city centre and Mr Clarkson required the assistance of passers by to push the vehicle to a car park – we can calculate that Mr Clarkson’s journey started within the proximity of the Plough Inn at Stretton-on-Fosse.We then saw Mr Clarkson on his knees in Lincoln’s magnificent gothic cathedral brass rubbing – but doubtless also giving thanks for a safe deliverance!

    Since Messrs. Clarkson and May’s cars required a full 13 hours to recharge their batteries, the “day trip” to Cleethorpes required an overnight stay at one of the old coaching inns in the fine city of Lincoln. They reached Cleethorpes the next day.

    This practical road test – as opposed to Mr Clarkson’s usual “road test” that consists of driving a car flat out on a race track – illustrated so well the impractical nature of these electric cars.

    What also was revealed was the very great cost of these vehicles; over £30,000 – double the cost of a similar size petrol/diesel car. It was also revealed that the cost of the electricity to recharge the car would vary according to the time of the day and the deal the owner had with the electricity supplier. Suffice it to say, they are not as cheap to recharge as some people think.

    However the real “sting in the tail” was the cost of replacement batteries: £7,000! As for the life of the battery, this was dependent upon the type of recharging it was exposed to. Frequent rapid “forced” charging using 3 phase supply would reduce the battery life from 5 years down to 3 years. This makes electric cars a rich person’s indulgence.

    These nonsensical vehicles along with the impractical wind turbines that are supposed to power them, brings us back to Mr O’Leary’s frustration – shared by the British Gazette and most of its readers – and forces us to ask the question; Why?

    Why are intelligent men like Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg and Mr Miliband persisting with this nonsense?

    Probably because these three prefer to tell the British People a lie rather than the truth.

    The truth of the matter is this: Yes, there will be an “energy problem” and it will be caused by human beings.

    It will NOT however be caused by CO2!

    It will be caused by two countries in particular: China and India.

    These two rapidly industrialising countries have gigantic populations. Presently, most of these people are poor and consume little by way of electricity and oil. This however is changing. China and India already have middle classes that now constitute a major market for Western countries. As time goes on this will increase. This of course will have a direct impact on the supply and cost of oil. This is because the Chinese and Indian middle classes will want motor cars just as much as the British middle class does. If demand increases greater than supply, economics demand the price will rise.

    Messrs. Cameron, Clegg and Miliband have seen this coming for some considerable time now.

    And what do they do about it?

    Go along with a cock and bull story about CO2 warming the planet to dangerous levels!

    It just goes to show that these three perjurers – all have broken their Privy Council Oaths – seem to have a congenital inability to tell the truth!

    Rather than lie to the British People about the situation, these three ought to be outlining practical steps as to what to do about it. Since they have persistently failed to do this, it remains for the British Gazette to do it for them.

    The practical steps are as follows:

    - Plan the construction of as many pressurised water nuclear reactor power stations as is needed to provide the UK’s electricity. Consider (subject to the costs) building the Severn Barrage in addition due to the problem that nuclear power stations are effectively base load. So far as any existing gas powered generating stations are concerned, the shale gas field in North West England should be exploited.
    - Plan for the reopening of many of the country’s coal mines and plan for the use of Underground Coal Gasification for the large coal field under the North Sea. This coal to be used to produce liquid road fuels using a now well developed technology (first by the Germans and later by the South Africans).

    Whilst the British Gazette has suggested in the past that new coal fired power stations should be constructed, it now regards that this country’s coal should be regarded as road fuel and not power station fuel. This country is blessed with considerable energy reserves. We should use them. Unfortunately this country is also cursed with dishonest cowards as its leaders.

    • Ah, but all three men, and their predecessors, are under orders, from the Committee of 300 (also known the Rothschilde’ Banksters’ Mafia), to wreck American, British and EU Industries, using the anthropogenic global warming fraud.

      One of the 10 planks of Communism, is the destruction of industry, eight of the other planks are already in place, and they are working on the banning the private ownership of property.

      Why Nat Rothschilde reminded us recently, he’s there to make sure the Government maintain their ‘green credentials.’ Disloyalty to the New World Order is not allowed.

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