• Messrs Cameron, Clegg and May: Would you buy a used car from any of these three?

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    British Gazette readers know along with most other adults, that buying a used car can be a precarious task as one occasionally encounters sellers who are let us say, “economical with the actualité” (to use the phrase famously created by the late Alan Clark).

    It is most certainly the case with the three recidivists above. Of course these three are of course PERJURERS as they have already violated – on repeated occasions – their Privy Council Oaths.

    Well it seems that they have told the British People yet another “porkie.”

    What now? We here you ask Dear (long-suffering) Reader.

    Well, remember the DNA profiles of many innocent people which the last government had allowed police to keep?

    Remember the incoming coalition stating that they would now remove innocent persons from the database?

    Well it seems this is not the case.

    Just to recap about DNA. The police had – and still it seems have – large numbers of entirely innocent persons on the DNA database. How did many of these come about? Simple. In the ordinary course of investigations the Police quite properly have to acquire the DNA of entirely innocent people. People they know are not in any way involved in the offence or offences they happen to be investigating.

    Prime examples of such are where DNA of innocent witnesses at a crime scene need to be taken in order to ascertain the DNA of the guilty person or persons by the process of elimination. Another is the case where such as a child had been abducted and murdered and the police ask adult and teenage males in an area to come forward in order for them to be eliminated from their enquiries.

    When the Tory Lib-Dem coalition was formed a promise was made that the DNA profiles of innocent people held by the police would be destroyed.

    However, it now appears that these profiles will still be held.

    Although the names and contact details of the individuals will be removed from the DNA profile record, a unique bar code will be attached instead. A record of this bar code will be held by the police and against this bar code on the police records will be the DNA owner’s name and contact details. If this sounds confusing, imagine someone took a photograph of you, developed the film and made a print of it and wrote your name and address on the back of the print. You objected so they agreed to destroy the said photographic print. You go away happy. However they did not destroy the negative. The negative was then given a unique number and this unique number was recorded in a book and against that number was written your name and address.

    As with everything else said and done by these EU loving treasonous perjurers, you cannot trust them as far as you could throw them. How far would one want to throw Cameron and Clegg (not of course Theresa May) then? Well if they were on Beachy Head, the answer might be 530 feet – which is the distance from the cliff edge to the breaking waves below!

    Legal Disclaimer: It should be obvious even to the most zealous member of the police or the Crown Prosecution Service that the last sentence of this article is a humorous comment and not to be taken seriously as it is most emphatically not an exhortation to commit murder!

    • I love the disclaimer. however, it is my personal ambition to see them tried for, perjury, fraud and treason, and upon conviction deported to Brussels. minus their property, and bank balance.

      I suppose hanging them from Tower Bridge, could constitute a health hazard, as would making them swim the Chanel. Sending them to Iraq might be a solution worthy of consideration.

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